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Do you have a bee infestation problem in Phoenix, Arizona? You don’t need to worry, since we are the experts when it comes to bee control and beehive removal services in Phoenix. If you have a swarm of bees that is in or around your home, you should never attempt to tackle the problem by yourself and call in the experts, who have been trained to handle such nuisances.

While most of the pests you have to deal with in and around your home are only unsanitary and inconvenient, bees and wasps are among the few that are actually dangerous. Bee and wasp stings can be incredibly painful — and if you have an allergy to them, even deadly.

If you need bee removal services or wasp control services in Phoenix, AZ, you need the wasp nest and beehive exterminator with the knowledge, tools and experience to rid your home or business of bees and wasps. You need Green Home Pest Control.

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Many other types of bees and wasps populate the Phoenix area and nearby locations, as well, and all of them can sting you or your family members. At the first sign of bee or wasp infestation, whether it be a nest, a hive or a swarm, you need to be on the phone to Green Home Pest Control. Our experts can recognize all the different types of stinging insects that may be plaguing you and know just how to find them and get rid of them fast.

Here at Green Home Pest Control, we have got professional Phoenix bee removal specialists who have been trained to safely and effectively remove Africanized (Killer) honey bees. Our technicians are familiar with the habits and biology of bees and therefore, use only the best bee control methods to get rid of your bee infestation without letting the problem escalate further.

The Phoenix, Arizona valley is home to a lot of bees, of which 95 percent of them are Africanized honey bees. The Africanized honey bee is known to have a lethal sting and they are very aggressive in nature if they are provoked or disturbed near their nest. They are quick to swarm and attack and will even chase their target for miles, which is why it is advised to let the professional exterminator deal with them.

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What Types of Bees and Wasps Can You Find in Phoenix, Arizona?

While there are dozens of species of bees and wasps in Arizona, some of the types we find ourselves dealing with most commonly include:

  • American Bumblebee: The American Bumblebee is probably one of the most well-known of the stinging insects. While these fuzzy, yellow and black bees are mostly harmless, they can sting repeatedly, which can pose a great danger to those with allergies. If you have a hive nearby, it is best to contact us for bee hive removal.
  • Bald Faced Hornet: Bald-faced hornets are black and white stinging insects similar to yellowjackets. Unlike bumblebees, they are quite aggressive and will sting repeatedly. If you have bald-faced hornets, you need to call for our bee control services in Phoenix, AZ, as soon as possible.
  • Yellow Jacket: As one of the most feared insects in the animal kingdom, the yellow jacket is unmistakable with its yellow and black markings. Like hornets, they are aggressive stingers without a barbed stinger, so they can sting over and over again.
  • Velvet Ant: It looks like a fancy ant, but watch out — this wingless red and black insect is actually a vicious wasp. If you see one of these furry ant-like creatures, call Green Home Pest Control. They may look like ants, but they sting like wasps!

The Cause of the Problem.

There is no specific cause for bees making beehives around your home or swarming nearby, since the Africanized honey bees generally thrive in the warm climate of Phoenix, Arizona. You can determine whether the problem is serious by checking for bee swarms and beehives.

Swarms: Bee swarms occur when a large group of bees gather around a tree or a building. These bees generally break off from their colony in order to create a new colony. They stay together as a swarm until they find a new home, and will not be very aggressive.

Beehives: Beehives are basically home to bee colonies, where the queen bee lays eggs and the other bees produce and store honey and build honeycomb. Beehives are often built in places where there is shade and the area is covered. It will generally be in attics, garages, interior or exterior walls, or in hollow tree trunks.

How Do We Treat The Problem?

Here at Green Home Pest Control, we are used to dealing with all types of pests. We can safely get rid of any pest control problem and will only use the best products on the market in our bee removal and bee control services. We use environmental friendly products and techniques that will not harm the bees. All of our technicians are experienced in handling Africanized honey bees, and will use humane techniques to ensure that they get rid of the infestation and that you have peace of mind.

Prevention Techniques.

There is no guarantee that bees will not swarm around your place or make a hive near your home, even after you have practiced the recommended prevention techniques. However, they can lessen the chances of killer bees moving in or around your home. Here are some prevention techniques you can practice:

  • Seal your home
  • Fill out the empty places
  • Screen all your vents regularly

Why Choose Green Home Pest Control for Bee and Wasp Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ?

When it comes to pest control in and around Phoenix, we are the best. Our clients love us because we use safer pest removal products that are organically derived and botanical that are better for the environment but still extremely effective. Anyone we send to you is a carefully vetted and background-checked employee of the company, not someone we barely know. Our team arrives promptly, assesses the problem and takes care of it efficiently, all while providing you with the utmost courtesy and attention to customer service.

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  • Our Work is Guaranteed & Insured
  • Our Technicians are State Certified
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  • Property Management, HOA, and Commercial Friendly

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We have service areas all around the Phoenix area, including Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale and more. To get rid of those dangerous stinging pests right away, call Green Home Pest Control at (480) 525-7378, or contact us online for a free quote now.



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