Commercial Pest Control in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are lots of businesses that have reported major pest control issues in Phoenix, Arizona in the past year. Most commercial properties have to stick to industry regulations in managing pest control, and these include the likes of medical facilities, restaurants, schools and food processing plants. However, if commercial properties don’t implement correct preventive programs and pest control, they could be subjected to a failed audit or in the worst case scenario suffer from a devastating pest infestation. Not only will that cost the business money but valuable time as well, which will end up hurting their business goals.


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This is where Green Home Pest Control offers the advantage to commercial businesses, by using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. IPM is key to controlling any commercial pest issue, coupled with our cutting edge techniques and the best pest control products we can handle all types of commercial pest control issues.

Our Commercial IPM Method.

We provide businesses with our standard commercial IPM method in dealing with pest control. We follow a strict protocol in all of our integrated pest control programs, which include the following five steps to obtain the desired results.

Step 1 – Inspection & Identification.

We thoroughly inspect the property to check relevant pest activity, and identify any possible points of entry for the pests. This provides us with knowledge about conditions that are pest conducive.

Step 2 – Findings & Recommendations.

After inspection our professional technicians will record all the results and will then recommend the appropriate course of action that has to be implemented in order to deal with the problem.

Step 3 – Communicating with the Client.

We make sure that our clients understand the pest control process, and discuss the details of the inspection report with them.

Step 4 – Implementing Pest Control Practices.

Once we have satisfied the queries of our client, we start implementing our pest control practices.

Step 5 – Documentation & Follow-Up.

We document every step of the pest control process and maintain a report that keeps track of the current conditions.

Each industry has got different pest control needs, which are generally down to several factors, such as the climate, location and the habitat surrounding the commercial property. At Green Home Pest Control, our experienced pest control technician will be on hand to discuss the needs of your facility and will provide you with a follow through inspection of the property as well. We use all the information provided by you and our analysis to design and then implement customized pest control solutions that will meet your requirements.

We service all of the following Commercial Properties and more:

  • Storage facilities & Warehouses
  • Retirement Communities
  • Strip Malls & Retail Spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate Campuses & Office Spaces
  • Pet Care Services
  • Medical Centers
  • Convenience Stores & Gas Stations
  • School Facilities & Day Care
  • Churches
  • Rental Properties & Apartments

Our Commercial Services Offered Include:

  • Commercial service guarantee
  • Routine inspections & ongoing treatment plans
  • Exterior & break area coverage
  • Fly control services: drain treatments, bug lights, etc.
  • Rodent control: interior & exterior

Green Home Pest Control is dedicated to provide all commercial clients in Phoenix Arizona with world-class pest control solutions and services. We are extremely dedicated and committed professionals that guarantee effective commercial pest control elimination programs.

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  • “Green Home Pest Control is the company to use, they quickly took care of our ant problem and now our kids can play in the yard without getting bit. I highly recommend them over any other company in the valley–we used them all. Trusted owner, great customer service and priced right.”

    Scott O., Scottsdale, AZ
  • “Great service, very informative of the area and how to handle all pests that are located where I live. I am new to area and would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in pest control. Thanks guys for a wonderful experience.”

    Phillip T., Queen Creek, AZ
  • “I have had scorpions for years and every pest control company I used (4) could never fully get rid of the problem! This is why I have decided to get on here and post something about Green Home. They have been servicing my home now for 6 months and I have not seen one scorpion since they sprayed my home the first time. I will never leave them, and my tech is very thorough and explains things to me, which I like. Highly recommended!!!!!”

    Jim M., Phoenix, AZ
  • “Hi, I have been very satisfied with the service of Green Home Pest Control after changing to your company several months back after being with my previous company for 3 years. The Service Techs are very professional and attentive to my requests and very friendly. Thank you for the great service…I hate bugs!”

    Kathy B., Scottsdale, AZ
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