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Winter Termite Treatments in Arizona

Termites can infest your home or business, even in the winter, causing thousands of dollars in damage. They eat wood in the home and often insurance does not cover the damage caused. A colony of termites has hundreds of insects and is considered one of Arizona’s most common pest. Termite treatments are important in the winter because termites infestations are all year round.

Arizona has two type of termites that cause damage to homes and businesses. Drywood termites infest dry wood that is not in contact with the ground. They are hard to detect and professional termite control is the best option. They are found around doors, window sills, and sometimes in furniture.

termite control phoenixSubterranean termites live in contact with soil and moisture. They move from soil into the wood through tubes made of soil, fecal matter, and wood chips. Some are found in the southwest dessert often eating bushes, trees. and plants then attacking homes or businesses.

It’s important to get a termite inspection for your home or business with Arizona’s problem with termites. Termite inspectors look for damage to wood inside or outside the home. The trained staff at Green Home Pest Control knows what to look for.

Inspections and Treatment

Termite inspectors check features outside the home that might have termites. These features are fencing, mulch, firewood, deadwood, and wooden structures like decks, arbors, and playsets. Mud in cracks in the sheetrock or near the foundation is another sign of termite infestation. Mud tubes near the foundation mean termites are often present. Once the presence of the termites are determined a treatment plan is made designed for your home or business.

The inspection from Green Home Pest Control is free. After the inspection, the most common treatment offered is liquid treatments. This involves drilling around the foundations and using special equipment to treat the foundation where termite reside. When termites walk through the liquid treatment the pass it on to other termites. It eventually kills all of them.

Green Homes use Termidor considered one of the most effective treatments on the market. We offer a warranty and will return any time during that period covered that you have a problem. Liquid applications with non-repellent product make it harder for the termites to avoid the area because they cannot detect it.

termite inspection phoenixOften soil is treated on both sides of the foundation in conventional treatments, cinder blocks, and soil under the plumbing. Drilling is sometimes required in the interior part of the home foundation. The staff at Green Home Pest Control will determine the best treatment for your home after the inspection.

The staff has several years of experience in termite control and even in the winter termite infestations still happen. It important to get an inspection for your home or business to treat problems and keep winter termite infestations in check. After an inspection, they will provide you a detailed report with the locations of termites and treatments for termites we recommend. You decide from this point how you want to proceed.

The staff has extensive training in termite control methods and all treatments come with a warranty for a certain period of time. Don’t let winter become a nightmare because of termites call Green Home for more information on a termite inspection and treatments for your home or business.

If you are experiencing issues with termites in your Arizona home, you can contact Green Home Pest Control today for world-class pest control solutions that are safe and effective for your home. We provide termite control services in the following cities.

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