Why Rodents Love High Citrus Areas

On a sweltering Arizona summer afternoon, you decide to make some lemonade with fresh lemons to combat the heat — only when you go out to the lemon tree in your backyard for some fresh produce, you discover the fruit’s rind has been completely removed, only leaving the clean inner pulp behind. Some type of critter has been munching on your citrus trees, but what type of pest would eat an entire lemon or citrus fruit rind?

The pest who’s devouring your lemons or other citrus fruits is likely a citrus rat, also commonly referred to as a roof rat. Learning how to get rid of fruit rats is important if you want to keep your home safe and free of harmful vermin and protect the quality of your growing produce.

Why Do Rats Love Citrus?

Citrus rats are a type of rodent and thrive in warm, fruit-bearing climates such as those found throughout Arizona. They’re typically drawn to avocados and citrus fruits growing on trees, but they’ll also eat produce that’s fallen to the ground. Research suggests fruit rats thrive in warm areas with a lot of citrus because they may need the extra Vitamin C provided from lemons, oranges, limes and other citrus for their growth and reproduction.

Getting Rid of Citrus Rats in Arizona

If you find your citrus trees get ravaged by fruit rats, there are a few different tasks and precautions you can try to protect your produce and get rid of nearby rats:

  • Go and pick up all of the fruit that’s dropped off your fruit trees daily. Keep the discarded fruit in a tied up garbage bag and store it in a tightly covered garbage can to prevent the fruit rats from reaching it.
  • Set up live traps on ledges, branches, pipes, fences or other surfaces fruit rats can use to climb on and access your trees. Use dry fruit as bait for better odds at trapping these rats.
  • Make sure to seal all outdoor household openings such as pipes and vents, windows and door openings with caulk or mesh materials to keep citrus rats from nesting inside your home. Fruit rats are adept climbers and can squeeze in seemingly tight areas, so if you’re unsure about an access point, seal it off just in case.

Call Green Home Pest Control Today to Help Manage Your Fruit Rat Problem

If you suspect fruit rats are munching on your citrus trees, don’t just settle on the loss of your delicious lemons or oranges, contact the trained professionals at Green Home Pest Control to determine the best solution for getting rid of these pests. Cirtus rats are a growing problem throughout the Scottsdale and Arcadia, AZ area, and our pest control experts will help you get rid of these hungry rats to keep your home safe and healthy.

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