What You Should Know About Spring Pest Control

Spring is the time of the year that brings happiness and a shower of color all around. With that also comes the menace of increased pest activity given the time and season of the year. Why not, they enjoy the climatic change too. But, what about the infestation problem that can affect your home.

Pests that were hardly around in winter are back with a vengeance collecting food and reproducing. With that, they often invade homes easily and more so in places where they can find bits and pieces of food, or material that could be prospective food or shelter for them. That could be garbage, old paper, and magazines where they can feed and reproduce at the same time. It might be manna for them but for homeowners it’s a sheer menace.

3 Spring Pest Control Cleaning Tips

Here are a few spring cleaning tips that will help tidy up your house. Little repairs and maintenance get your home ready and perfectly clean and free from pests.


Your kitchen is the most frequented of places in your entire home. With that said, it is important to clean every nook and cranny in the kitchen. In addition to cleaning the surface, it is important to pull out the oven and refrigerator and sweep behind them. The pantry and the cupboards need to be cleaned after clearing everything out. Unless places are emptied the spills may not be noticed. In addition, repair broken cracks and crevices that insects may have made.

Storage Spaces

All houses have storage spaces, which are but a necessity. These spaces include places in the attic, basements, garage, cabinets and other places that are typically used to store seasonal and items not used everyday. Over the years items accumulate, gather dust and dirt, and attract pests who make those places their nests. Junk, like old magazines and newspapers that are kept, also become the home of pests. If one has to keep them it is best to keep the items in closed spaces and containers and put naphthalene balls that will help keep the bugs at bay. It is also important to spray old linen and put them out in the sun.

Yard Cleaning

man removing yard debris to prevent scorpionsIt is not only important to clean the insides of the house, but the yard as well. Clean out the garbage and remove dried twigs and leaves. Cut dead branches off trees and make sure that they do not touch the house or its roof to keep pests like house rats at bay. Treat wood with anti-termite spray to give your home a protective shield. Make sure there isn’t any water accumulation around the house, which could be a breeding ground for insects.

These easy to do spring cleaning tips will help to keep pests and insects at bay. If you notice any unwanted pests, contact Green Home Pest Control to find out your spring pest control options.


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