Warmer Weather Means More Arachnids

Do you love summer, but hate the bugs that come with it? Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through this summer with tons of bugs, thanks to these eco-friendly pest control solutions. Too often, people turn to dangerous chemicals to remove pests from their home, not realizing the health consequences it can bring to themselves and their families, not to mention the negative effects it has on the environment. Instead of turning to traditional pest control options, opt for environmental options. Please continue reading so that you can understand how to naturally protect your home against bugs, but particularly spiders and scorpions.

giant-crab-spider-300x230Diatomaceous Earth

Perhaps one of the easiest ways of killing spiders and scorpions (or almost any bug or insect) is through the use of Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth is an all natural powder composed of fossilized aquatic diatoms. Due to the extremely sharp spines that these diatoms have, this powder has a crucial effect on pests. Diatomaceous Earth causes spiders and scorpions to be deprived of moisture, which leads them to a fast death. It can be sprinkled in any area where the bugs are most common and should be left out for a minimum of a few days.

Release Lady Bugs

Believe it or not, lady bugs can eventually kill spiders by feeding on them. The best thing you can do is to release a ton of them in your garden and lawn. When released, they will feed on spiders and any other bugs that happen to be in your yard.

Damp Burlap Bags

It may sound bizarre, but damp burlap bags are a perfect way to get rid of scorpions without calling on the help of exterminators who will only use dangerous chemicals in your home. To use damp burlap bags, you should place them in the middle of the floor before you go to bed. Moisture attracts these insects, so they will hide out in the bag where you can easily squish them and discard of them in the morning.

Set Glue-Based Traps

When a spider comes in contact with glue, he is unable to move. That is why it is smart to set glue-based traps for spiders to get caught in. This is especially clever, because the traps also immobilize smaller bugs, which will further entice spiders to get caught in the glue.

scorpion-300x207Make Sure That There No Gaps In Windows, Doors, Etc.

Obviously, any gaps or openings in windows, doors, or anything else will be a welcome invitation for any spiders or scorpions to invite themselves into your home unannounced. To keep these places secure, check for any weather stripping around doors or windows, and then replace any sections that are damaged.

Cut Off All Unlikely Food Sources

As much as you may hate the fact that scorpions and spiders are coming in your house, you may not realize that you are the one unknowingly sending them a welcome invitation to come in. Almost all bugs and insects thrive on moisture, shelter, and food, and it can be easy for them to take advantage of things like leaky faucets, left out dishes, dirty laundry, and clutter. A clean house is truly the best defense against any pests.

yard-cleanup-300x200Keep Trees, Bushes, Etc. Within a Reasonable Distance of Your Home

Because scorpions like to reside underneath big objects and escape from the sun, it is important to keep lawns mowed, keep bushes trimmed, and keep woodpiles and any other clutter away from the house. If possible, keep these items in the place in your yard that is farthest from your house.

Consider Potential Predators

What is the next best thing you can do when you don’t want to bother with killing scorpions or spiders yourself? Enlist the help of a furry friend, particularly a cat. If given the opportunity, most cats love to hunt, and if given freedom to roam around the house at night, there is a great chance that they will kill scorpions that show themselves. Cats are excellent hunters, and in most cases, they will not be hurt when hunting scorpions. Also, chickens are great for eating scorpions. You can purchase a few chickens to keep in your yard so that there will be less scorpions to get into your house.

If these solutions don’t work for you of course you can contact Green Home Pest Control, we only use organic eco-friendly methods to protect your home from pests without exposing you and your family to harsh, toxic chemicals.


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