Types of Rats in Arizona

Part of the appeal of living in Arizona is the spacious, beautiful landscape stretching across the horizon, filled with diverse and unique wildlife. But with the state’s expansive wilderness, you’ll not only find peaceful bighorn sheep, prairie dogs and foxes but a range of irritating, potentially hazardous pests such as rats.

Arizona has several different rat species that, when go unnoticed or untreated around your home, can spread harmful disease and cause property damage. By learning about the common types of rats found throughout Arizona and recognizing nesting behavior, you can better protect your home and family.

Types of Rats Found Throughout Arizona

There’s a wide variety of different types of rats and rodents found in and around Arizona homes. Common Arizona rodents include:

Wood Rats

Also referred to as a pack rat, wood rats are usually found in desert areas in Central Arizona. There are three common types of pack rats often seen in Arizona, including the whitethroat rat, Mexican pack rat and Stephen’s rat. You can easily recognize a wood rat by its furry tail, white feet and white belly hair. These rats often live in communal areas and can pose a significant health threat to humans due to the layers of urine and feces lining their nests.

Roof Rats

Roof rats — recognized by their distinct brown or black hair and bald tail — became a nuisance for Arizona homeowners in the early 2000s because of the state’s warm climate and abundance of citrus fruit. This rat gets its name from its habit of nesting in high areas such as ceilings or attics. Roof rats can cause damage to interior insulation materials or wiring, or contaminate your stored food.

Norway Rats

This large, agile rat is identified by its short tail and nearly hairless body. Norway rats have superior gnawing abilities and can chew through tough materials such as lead, cement, insulation, wiring and plumbing — if left unchecked, the Norway Rat can cause serious property damage.

House Mouse

A house mouse is the most common rodent found throughout most homes. While they won’t cause as much structural damage as rats, they spread a large number of droppings and disease including salmonella, tapeworms, rat bite fever and Hantavirus.

Deer Mouse

Often found in rural locations, deer mice commonly live in tree cavities or animal burrows. You can often find them in stored boxes in homes. The most significant risk of a deer mouse infestation is contracting Hantavirus, spread by inhaling particles that have been contaminated by infected deer mouse feces, urine or saliva.

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