Tips for Bed Bugs

facebook-share-photo-300x300Arizona’s bed bug infestation problem manifests itself every year and the area that most suffers in Phoenix. This doesn’t mean that the rest of Arizona is immune to this problem. As the temperatures rise over 114F, you can simply let the sun do all the hard work for you but until then, you need to be aware of the Arizona Tenants Law that would protect you and your family. On top of that, you need to rely on us at Green Home Pest to help you take care of your bed bug problem. The following are some tips for bed bugs that you can follow –

Tips for Bed Bugs

Always Check for Bed Bugs When You Sleep On a New Bed – Almost 80% of these pesky bed bugs are usually hiding somewhere around the bed or inside it. A cursory check is all you need to find out whether it is safe to sleep on a bed or not. If you notice any brown or red spots or stains in the area, it means that bed bugs are close at hand. The same test should be applied to furniture or luggage that is being brought into the house from outside. For Arizona residents, it is always recommended that new furniture should be bought and old/used furniture should never be preferred, no matter how cheap it is.

travel-suitcase-300x200Cleanliness is Never a Factor With Bed Bugs – This is a popular myth doing the rounds and people genuinely believe that lack of cleanliness causes bed bugs to spread. The fact is – bed bugs cannot move more than 20 feet from their place of transportation. Thus, if you notice an infestation of bedbugs in your house, it would be due to something you brought inside the house of your own accord. This is why checking luggages is so important. The infestation can also be caused due to the apartment right next to your own.

Prevention is Always the Best Option – Bedbug protective covers that are approved by entomologists are available with us in Arizona and you should use them on the box spring and the mattress. You should also try to reduce hiding places for bedbugs by reducing clutter in the house.

bed-bug-300x200Hire Professionals – Bedbugs are not your garden variety pests that can just be sorted out with some DIY. Of course, DIY treatment kits can keep these pests at bay for some time but professional exterminators like us would definitely solve the problem for good. We will start off with an inspection of your home to ascertain the extent of the problem. Then, every room would be treated for eradicating the infestation completely. Common methods include heat remediation which is a process where the entire house is purged from bedbugs. If you are a tenant, make sure you write a letter to your landlord regarding the same.

Know About the Law – As per the bedbug law of Arizona, landlords are not allowed to lease out apartments that are known to have bedbugs. It is the landlord’s responsibility to arrange for a bedbug inspection within 7 days of being notified about the problem by the tenant. The treatment would be paid for by the landlord unless, as a tenant, you failed to notify the landlord about the bedbug problem in time. Also, if you were responsible for the bedbug infestation, then the landlord is not accountable. If the payment is not made by the landlord even after notification, you can make the payment and later, bill your landlord.

It is always recommended to have some legal help by your side when you have done nothing wrong. You can get in touch with the Attorney General’s Office in case of dispute on the matter.

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