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Throwback Thursdays | Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Vacation

As we’re heading into the holiday season people travel between the states picks up. While not everyone will be vacationing in hotels, the chances of taking bed bugs with you to and from Phoenix, AZ is still possible. So for this “Throwback Thursday” we’re going to revisit an older article that talks about how to prevent picking up some undesired hitchhikers.

7 Steps: Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Vacation

travel avoiding bed bugs - 7 steps

Anyone who watches a news network has likely heard about a growing problem which is associated with traveling. Reports of bed bug infestations are steadily increasing in homes and hotels, and it is important for everyone to know that bringing them home with you can be avoided. Keep reading to learn about 7 simple steps you can follow to avoid bringing bed bugs home after a vacation.

1. Place your luggage on a tiled area – The first thing that everyone should do when they enter a hotel room is set their luggage on a tiled floor or in a bath tub. Bed bugs tend to avoid these areas because they are more difficult to hide in than carpeted rooms.

2. Search the beds in your room – These pests are called bed bugs for a reason; they are often found hiding under sheets and inside of pillow cases. Thoroughly inspect the bed for small brown stains or insects on the sheets.

3. Inspect the other furniture and decorations – Bed bugs will hide anywhere they can. Check behind any art that is hanging on the walls and thoroughly inspect the inner and surrounding areas of dressers.

4. Gently knock on baseboards – Some people may feel strange when they do this, but knocking on baseboards is very helpful for finding bed bugs. Simply knock on the baseboards throughout the room and pay attention to the area you are in to spot scurrying insects.

5. Check for bites in the morning – Bed bugs usually bite while people are sleeping. Check your legs, arms, and ankles for small bite marks in the morning.

6. Inspect your luggage before you leave and when you get home – Although they are hard to find in luggage, it is important to throughly inspect your bags for bed bugs before you check out of the hotel. You should also place your bags in a tiled area when you get home and carefully inspect them before you move them into another area.

7. Report bed bugs – Make a point of reporting a bed bug infestation at the first sign of their presence.

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