The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Scorpions in Your Home or Business

the ultimate guide to getting rid of scorpions in your home or business

There are a lot of creepy and crawly critters that can find their way into a building. Spiders, cockroaches, termites and bed bugs can sneak inside and give you quite a fright. If you live in Arizona, you know that there’s another small and silent pest that can find its way into a home or office — scorpions. A relative to spiders, ticks and mites, these arachnids are unwelcome visitors that you do not want disturbing you, your family, your coworkers or your clients.

Green Home Pest Control knows that enjoying life in the desert also means living with the many insects, animals and arachnids that call this beautiful landscape home. Our goal is to keep these pests away from your house or business, allowing you to rest comfortably inside while we keep them away from your property. As your reliable, local scorpion control service, we specialize in removing all kinds of bothersome scorpions. We’ve created the ultimate guide that will help you quickly and affordably remove scorpions from your home or office.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Scorpions

5 things you need to know about scorpions

If you live in an area where scorpions are found, it’s important that you at least know a little about these potentially problematic pests. Like many other creatures, insects and small animals located throughout the country, there’s a chance that you may live happily without ever being disturbed by their presence. In the event that a scorpion crosses your path, however, it’s important to know if it can cause damage to the building or harm to others.

1. What Are Scorpions?

Scorpions are small venomous arthropods that are distinguished primarily by their pincers and curved tail. Like spiders, they have eight legs and an exoskeleton. Instead of inflicting venom via a bite, scorpions have a stinger on the end of their tails that injects the venom into their prey. As many as 1,700 species of scorpions live around the world, varying in color and size.

2. Are There Scorpions in Arizona?

Yes. The United States is home to more than 70 different scorpion species, over half of which are native to Arizona. Three of the most common scorpions found in the state include the giant hairy scorpion, the stripe-tailed scorpion and the bark scorpion.

3. Why Are Scorpions Found Indoors?

Scorpions, like many pests, make their homes in spaces where they have access to food and can be easily concealed. They can burrow and climb, which enables them to hide or nest in hard-to-reach places — indoors and outdoors. Some may choose to nest in your home’s siding or interior walls. Others that find their way inside may hide in cluttered areas like your garage.

4. Are Scorpions Dangerous?

They can be. Like spiders and snakes, there are scorpions that are dangerous to humans as well as species that do not pose a threat. Research shows that there are approximately two-dozen species of scorpions that can potentially harm humans. This includes the Arizona bark scorpion. They rarely cause damage to property.

5. What Happens If I’m Stung by a Scorpion?

You should seek medical attention any time you are stung by a scorpion, especially if you are unfamiliar with which species it is. Though most scorpion stings are not life-threatening, they can pose significant risks to young children and older adults. Approximately 100 incidents of scorpion stings result in an antivenin intervention each year in Arizona.

Regardless of if these venomous pests pose a threat to humans, you do not want a scorpion inside or around your property. These creatures are a nuisance, and the thought of them sneaking around is unsettling. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can get rid of scorpions in your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scorpion Removal

Here are the answers to some common questions that can help you rid your home or business of these pests:

  • Can I Squish a Scorpion? Yes, you can squish a scorpion! Even though they have an exoskeleton similar to shrimp, they can be squished just like as a spider, cockroach or other small pests. You’ll need more than a quick stomp or smack, however. Always wear gloves, close-toed shoes and long pants when trying to squash a scorpion so it can’t sting you if you miss. If you stomp it or smash it, twist and grind it to make sure it’s dead.
  • I Found a Scorpion in My House — Are There More? Possibly. Scorpions do not typically congregate together unless they’re mating or have just given birth. However, you may still find others around your property. For instance, you may find a scorpion in your garage and potentially another one in your exterior siding. If you see one scorpion in or around your home, you should assume that others may be nearby.
  • How Can You Prevent Scorpions From Getting in Your Bed? Scorpions can climb, which means they can access nearly anything — even your bed! Remove clutter from around your bed and keep your blankets from touching the floor. Scorpions can’t climb well on smooth surfaces, so consider putting the feet of your bed frame inside glass jars to prevent them from climbing up. Make sure your bed is also a few feet from the wall.
  • Will a Scorpion Hurt My Dog or Cat? Many scorpions, like the Arizona bark scorpion that is native to our region, do not pose a threat to domesticated animals like dogs and cats. In fact, there’s a chance your animal may hunt and kill a scorpion if they see it. If your pet shows symptoms of pain or discomfort that you believe might be from a scorpion sting, though, you should call your veterinarian. Though a sting should not cause trauma, it’s wise to be proactive with small pets.
  • Are There any Animals That Hunt Scorpions? Natural predators of the scorpion include mammals like bats and mice as well as large spiders, birds, lizards and centipedes. Although these animals will hunt and kill scorpions, you do not want any such pests in your home at all.
  • Can I Get Rid of Scorpions in My Home or Office Alone? Like other types of pests that find their way into your home, you can use a DIY or professional approach to getting rid of scorpions in Phoenix. We believe that the most successful way to keep them from entering your property is to use an approach that combines DIY tips and help from professional pest control services that specialize in scorpion removal.

10 Tips to Get Rid of Scorpions Naturally Within Your Arizona Property

10 tips to get rid of scorpions naturally within your Arizona property

They may be small, but don’t let scorpions surprise you — they’re one of the most resilient pests that can enter your home. They can survive in harsh conditions and live without food for up to a year. While other pests may be killed or chased away with some DIY methods, it takes more than a squirt of window cleaner to kill scorpions. Here are some tips you can use to try to get rid of scorpions the natural way.

1. Eliminate Their Hiding Spots

One of the best ways to keep scorpions out of your home or office is to take away their home. These creatures will find hiding spots inside your property, often sneaking into cluttered areas. Clear out these spaces, such as debris collecting in your garage or near other doors or windows, and keep your items organized. If you need to keep these items stored in that area, consider containing them in storage bins that have lids.

2. Eliminate Their Food Sources

Excess moisture like standing water or leaky pipes can attract scorpions. Since scorpions eat insects and spiders, the presence of these creatures also attracts scorpions. Clean your home or office regularly, including areas where food is present and behind furniture. You should also consider integrating a whole-home pest control solution if you see scorpions and other pests throughout your home.

3. Keep All Holes Sealed

The best way to keep them out of your building is to prevent them from ever getting in. Seal all entry points around your home, including doors, windows, vents and plumbing or electrical entrances. Keep in mind that scorpions can crawl under even the smallest gaps or cracks. Apply weather-stripping around doors and windows. Caulk or screen off other areas like dryer vents. Or, call the professionals at Green Home and we’ll handle the scorpion sealing for you.

4. Take Care of Your Yard

Not only do you want scorpions out of your building, but you also want them off of your property. The tips above also apply to your outdoor spaces. Remove brush or debris where they can hide. Get rid of stagnant water, and make sure your trash receptacles aren’t spilling garbage.

5. Use Repellents

Boric acid and borax are natural chemicals that kill scorpions but aren’t toxic. Diatomaceous earth is another safe repellent that can be scattered around your property to kill these pests. Cedar oil, neem oil and lavender plants can also help ward off scorpions.

6. Set Traps

The sticky traps you use for spiders, roaches and mice can also be used to catch scorpions. Always use these traps safely, keeping them away from pets and children.

7. Squash Them

If you see a scorpion, take action and kill it immediately. Grab a hard or sharp object and give it a good squish. Keep an object like a heavy book in rooms where you’ve seen a scorpion before, so you’ll be ready to catch it the next time it scurries into view.

8. Hunt Them

Knowing that a scorpion is in your home or office is an unsettling feeling. Instead of waiting for you to surprise you, you can try to find it yourself. These nocturnal animals come out at night to hunt and will appear to glow under UV light.

9. Enlist the Help of Your Pet

What kind of pet does your family have? A cat, dog, large lizard, bird, tarantula, snake or even chicken living on your property can help you rid your home of these pests. Dogs and cats may be able to kill them, while lizards, birds and other animals may enjoy scorpions as a tasty treat.

10. Ask a Pest Control Specialist for Assistance

Pest control experts know the best ways to get rid of scorpions naturally. They can offer at-home remedies, in-office tips and provide you with solutions that will eliminate scorpions in safe yet effective ways.

What You Shouldn’t Do to Get Rid of Scorpions

what you shouldn't do to get rid of scorpions

Although the tips above are effective ways to help you get rid of scorpions in your home or office, you should still exercise caution when trying to solve this pest control problem by yourself. The Southwest is home to more than 35 different species of scorpions, including the dangerous Arizona bark scorpion. Before you, your family members or your coworkers attempt to eliminate scorpions from inside your home or office, we suggest you take these tips into consideration:

  • Don’t Confuse Scorpion Species. As the sole scorpion species in the country that presents a potential threat to humans, it’s important that everyone who lives and works in this state knows how to identify an Arizona bark scorpion. They are roughly two-to-three inches long and will appear to glow green under ultraviolet light. Under normal lighting, they will appear tan or yellowish. Don’t confuse these with the less-dangerous striped bark scorpion which has dark, horizontal stripes. Arizona bark scorpions can deliver potentially life-threatening stings to humans.
  • Don’t Try to Kill Them With Whatever’s in Sight. No one wants a scorpion in their room, but you have to act intelligently when trying to kill these creatures. Don’t ever use a substance that can cause you harm or damage your property without taking all safety precautions. If you’re using a knife or another sharp object, handle it with care. If you grab a household cleaner or other strong solution, make sure you’re not endangering occupants, pets or your property. Always use tools correctly and responsibly.
  • Don’t Mix Pesticides. If you choose to use a chemical or natural pesticide, follow product instructions correctly and never mix solutions. Ingredients or chemicals within each solution may react dangerously with others and cause harm to your property or living creatures in the area. Always follow instructions and call a pest control specialist if you’re unsure about a substance.
  • Don’t Assume a Sting is Harmless. No matter which species of scorpion stings you, you should always be proactive to preserve your health. All scorpions are venomous, and a sting from the Arizona bark scorpion can be fatal, especially for young children and older adults. Symptoms include swelling, pain and sensitivity at the injection site. Severe reactions include wild eye movements and bodily spasms. If you’ve been stung seek medical attention.
  • Don’t Forget — You’re not Alone. Scorpions can frighten even the bravest of us, which is why the specialists at Green Home Pest Control encourage all Phoenix residents and employees to call us if you spot a scorpion in your home or office. A reliable, experienced pest control company can provide you with the safe and effective scorpion solutions you need.

Scorpion Control and Prevention in Arizona

scorpion control and prevention in arizona

Arizona is an amazing place to call home — unfortunately, dozens of scorpion species feel the same way. Though these small venomous creatures tend to keep to themselves, plenty of scorpions find their way into houses and businesses. In fact, their nocturnal nature enables them to stay hidden while you’re awake — which means scorpions may move in long before you realize it. If you see or suspect that scorpions have started crawling around your home or office, let the experienced technicians at Green Home Pest Control help you out.

We provide guaranteed scorpion control — a promise few other companies can keep. Using the best products approved by the EPA, our extensively trained technicians have made Green Home Pest Control the smartest choice in scorpion control throughout Arizona. From Surprise and Scottsdale to Gilbert and beyond, we’ve kept scorpions away from homes and businesses throughout the greater Phoenix area. Don’t chance a dangerous encounter with an Arizona bark scorpion or any other species. Let Green Home Pest Control keep your property safe and scorpion-free.

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