The 6 Most Common Pests in Arizona

It’s imperative that the people who work in Phoenix area pest control know their enemies as well as possible. Obviously, different parts of the world and the country have different pest problems – so what are the most common types of pests to be found in the Phoenix area?

1. Ants

colony of ants marching in a straight line

Black ants are the sugar-loving picnic invaders that you’re most likely to have encountered anywhere that there’s food. They’re mostly harmless, but they’re unhygienic and highly annoying. Pharaoh ants are almost translucent, and tend to arrive in vast numbers when they come. If an Arizonian wants to get Phoenix area pest control in to deal with ants, though, it’s likely to be for fire ants: little reddish carnivores that will sting humans and can, if they swarm, kill a turtle or a small mammal. Household pets have died this way.

2. Bed Bugs

bed bug crawling on mattress in Phoenix Arizona
Bed bugs are horrible little brown flightless insects that hide away in the cracks of your walls or the seams of your mattress and wriggle out in the middle of the night to literally feed on your blood. Once you’ve got them they’re incredibly difficult to eradicate without professional pest control. They’re particularly common in hotels, where they can travel from room to room on the bedding and then hitch a ride home on your luggage.

3. Cockroaches

cockroach treatment

Phoenix is full of cockroaches. There are four common kinds, of which the least problematic is the damp-loving Oriental cockroach. These roaches will still spread disease, but at least they usually stick to your bathroom and they’re not particularly large. The brown-banded cockroach is bigger, more likely to make you sick, and excellent at hiding. German cockroaches reproduce at a terrifying rate – once you’ve got one you’ve got hundreds – and are so small that they’re difficult to fully eliminate. American cockroaches are more likely to live in your garden than your home, but they’re truly massive.

4. Rodents

rodents treatment

Where there are humans, there are rodents. Mice can squeeze through gaps much smaller than themselves (their bones constrict to allow it) and if you were to leave one male mouse with one female mouse for four months at the end of them you’d have two hundred mice. Rats are very, very clever – they’re incredibly difficult to trap – and they’re fond of bringing their fleas, lice and ticks with them. Plus, both species will urinate and defecate all over everything. Rodents are very hard to eradicate without the help of professional Phoenix area pest control.

5. Scorpions

giant hairy scorpion of arizona

The infamous Bark Scorpion is the most venomous in North America and Phoenix is one of the places where it is the most common. One sting from its tail can leave you writhing in agony for three whole days, plus you may find that you temporarily lose all use of the affected limb. If you find a scorpion in your home, call a pest control company immediately.

6. Spiders

spider pest control

Arizona is home to both of the two most poisonous spiders in North America – the Black Widow (with a distinctive black and red body) and the Brown Recluse (who builds low, crazy-looking webs). If either of these spiders bite you, you need to go immediately to the emergency room. When you get back, call pest control and have them eliminated once and for all.

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