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A Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday!

Don’t worry we’re at home with our families and hopefully so are you. We posted this ahead of time and scheduled it to post on Thanksgiving morning. We just couldn’t miss another good “Throwback Thursday” post. As the temperature in Arizona has been dropping, although thankfully not as much as other states, it’s important to make sure that we’re not inviting pests into our home and so we present to you our latest re-visited post from a 2013.

Are you inviting “PESTS” into your home?

Many people don’t realize it but are actually contributing to their pest problems whether in their home or business. The best way to control your pests is to combine chemical measures (such as our services) with non-chemical measures that you can do yourself. Our technicians will let you know if there is anything in your home or property that should be changed but here are some things you can do in the meantime.

Remember that pests need three basic items in order to thrive: food, shelter and water. If you don’t give them these things, they won’t infest your home.

yard-cleanup-150x150Remove Harborage – One of the most important things to do to fight your pest problem is remove any harborage such as grass, dead leaves or other debris which can give pests shade and shelter. This includes clutter, cardboards, bricks, lumber and any other stacked items, especially if they are close to your home.

gardening-small-150x150Landscaping – If you keep your home well-landscaped there will be fewer shaded areas for pests to get shelter. To do this, eliminate heavy ground cover (greenery, shrubs or ivy) that is near your home. You should also clear debris, trim tree limbs that are near your structures and cut your grass regularly.

Exclude Them – Another important thing is to exclude the pests by getting rid of any possible entry points. Fit all of your windows and doors with weather-stripping that fits tightly. You should also foam, caulk or screen any other possible entry points such as electrical or plumbing entrances, window casings and vents. Make sure that there are no cracks around your doors that measure more than a sixteenth of an inch and seal all of the cracks around your home’s foundation.

Excess Moisture Management – Because pests need water, they look for areas with excess moisture. To solve this problem, fix any plumbing or pipes that leak. You should also minimize foundation moisture by only watering during the morning and adjusting the direction your sprinklers irrigate. Make sure that your crawlspaces and attics are well-ventilated as well.

Outdoor Lighting – Most pests are attracted to outdoor lighting so you should try to swap these out for sodium vapor lamps or yellow bulbs called “bug lights.”

Sanitation – You should also always keep a close eye on the cleanliness in your home as well. Avoid spills and crumbs in your kitchen and try to clean the space daily. Store food in containers that are sealed tightly and make sure your garbage cans have lids that fit tightly as well. Use ammonia to regularly clean your garbage cans and make sure your bathroom is clean and mold-free.

Thanks for helping us help and serve you. Please feel free to contact us at
480 525 PEST with any questions you may have!


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