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Our termite treatment technicians are the best in Phoenix, they will provide you with all the termite control resources you need for preventative treatment and to control and exterminate termite populations that have infested your home. Our procedures are effective, efficient, and advanced to make sure that we do the job correctly right away. Arizona termites can cause massive destruction to property, which is why homeowners and businesses are so keen to get rid of this pest as soon as they are found. Termites are also extremely common and can be found in nearly every home in Arizona. The most common termite in Arizona is called the desert subterranean termite. To see what Arizona termites look like click here. That is why homes in MesaScottsdale, Gilbert, and all other surrounding Arizona cities, require termite ‘pre-treatment’ for the soil before they pour the concrete foundation. The pre-treatment basically protects the home from any termite infestation further down the line until it breaks down in 3 to 5 years.

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Termite Facts For Homeowners

  • Most homeowner’s insurance will not cover damage due to termites.
  • In the United States, termites cause more damage than floods, storms, and fires combined.
  • Each year more than 2 million homes need repairs because of termite damage.
  • All homes can be damaged by termites no matter where you are, how it was made or how old it is.
  • The main material in homes is wood and that is what termites eat.
  • A single termite colony can hold millions of insects.
  • Most homeowners with termites won’t realize they have an infestation until after the damage is caused (Learn how fast termites can damage your home).

Here at Green Home Pest Control, we know how to deal with a termite infestation and are well equipped to handle any type of termite problem. Our team of termite treatment technicians here in the valley has the knowledge and experience to identify a termite infestation, create a solution, control the problem, and treat it professionally. We have made our name in the industry as the best termite control company in Phoenix by delivering effective termite control solutions to all homeowners and businesses in Arizona. Our treatment specialists take pride in our eco-friendly approach with a focus on pet friendly termite treatment.

How To Tell If You Have Termites In Your Home



Our Steps To Protect Your Home Against Termites

We are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with pest control problems in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide a thorough inspection, after which we decide on the most appropriate treatments for eradicating the pests. Desert subterranean termite colonies often create “mud tubes” that allow the termites to travel from the soil into your home. They do this so they can acquire cellulose or wood and then they set up their colony in your home, destroying your structure. These mud tubes often can be seen along the foundation of a structure and during our free inspection, we can further identify these. If you have already identified that you have a termite problem, here is what you can do if you have termites.


What A Desert Subterranean Termite Looks Like

In the video above you can also see termite poop, you can go here to find more information on identifying desert termite poop. A free termite inspection in the Phoenix metro area is offered because it is crucial to determine the size of the infestation, the scope of the area that needs treatment, and so that we can give you an accurate solution. Also, we must be able to inspect the kinds of landscaping and surfaces around a home or business to determine the best application methods. Once we complete the inspection, your Green Home Licensed Termite Inspector will provide you with a detailed report that specifically summaries the treatment and their locations, the product that will be used, and the investment. Your licensed inspector will also leave with you instructions and advice on any favorable conditions that need to be addressed prior to the treatment and for future prevention.

There are some great resources to help Arizona homeowners better identify termites, and understand the treatment options that are out there for them. Arizona homeowners need to know how to Identify, treat, and control termites. When the problem is beyond the simple steps listed in the PDF documents below, you will need to call on a termite control specialist to treat the infested areas before further damage destroys your home.

How To Identify Arizona Termites (PDF Document Texas A&M)

Termite Treatment Document For Arizona Homeowners (PDF Document University of Arizona)

Our Termite Treatment Services

Green Home Pest Control conducts liquid treatments, done by trenching around the foundation of the home and then drilling and treating under the foundation with special equipment. Liquid treatments are extremely effective and are the most common termite treatment Phoenix AZ control today. The termite is a colony pest like ants, they walk through this liquid treatment and unknowingly transfer the product to all the rest of the termites. Green Home uses Termidor defense products, which is considered by many to be the most effective ‘non-repellant’ product that is on the market for dealing with termites. Since the desert subterranean termite is so common here in Phoenix, AZ, at times re-establishing this barrier is also key once the warranty has ended and you are wanting to be proactive. Our experienced and skilled pest control technicians are perfectly capable of handling any type of termite infestation and ensure a thorough, effective and efficient treatment process for eliminating termites.

Our Guarantee

We understand how to deal with termite infestations and guarantee you the best results from our termite pest control treatments. We have got great experience in dealing with pest control problems and all of our techniques undergo extensive training in the most effective termite-control techniques. This is why we can stand behind our services and offer you Green Home’s Full Protection Guarantee. How this works is if at any time during the warranty you have additional termite activity, we will return and treat your home or business; free of charge. This allows us with the advantage of providing our customers with outstanding termite control treatments that are guaranteed to work. We have been in the industry for a long time and understand how to take care of and handle termite pest control problems.

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When it comes to termites and how to identify and control them, Green Home Pest Control should be your number choice, since we have the products and the technicians to provide you with effective results. We guarantee complete satisfaction in all of our termite treatment services.



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