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Green Home Pest New Service Areas

black scorpion on arizona sand

Green Home Pest Control is a reputable company that provides environmentally friendly services to homeowners and business owners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, and surrounding areas. We’re a BBB-accredited pest control company in Phoenix, so you can rely on the procedures that our technicians implement to eliminate…

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Mesa Coverage Area for Pest Control Services with Green Home Pest

man performing pest control services

Green Home Pest Control is one the most effective pest control service providers currently serving Mesa, Arizona. At Green Home Pest Control Mesa Az, we will carefully consider your situation and take the time to listen to your needs and preferences. We take into consideration several factors before we arrive…

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Popular Summer Pest Infestations

mice burrowing inside of home

There are numerous insect and rodent pests in Arizona, that can invade your home at any time of the year. The year-round warm climate in this region leads to pests that are active in any season, but most mice, scorpions, and spiders seek shelter inside a building in the dry…

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Termite Home Inspection For Home Purchase

termite control

Purchasing a home is a huge investment, possibly the largest many people will ever make during their lifetimes. Because of the costs associated with homeownership and the importance of protecting the value of the house, property owners will want to do everything in their power to maintain the value and…

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Have You Noticed More Silverfish Coming Out Of Your Pipes?

silverfish pest control

Silverfish lurk. What’s worse than that is their actual movement. Seeing these multi-legged bugs working their way across your floors can be almost startling, especially when you’re not used to them. If you are, you have a problem and you should call a professional pest control service. Silverfish do not…

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How Phoenix Heatwaves Are Perfect For Termites

termite inspection

As the temperatures start to rise, termite activity also begins to increase. It is necessary to call a company for termite treatment Phoenix Az and ask about their services, once the heatwave arrives. Many termite infestations are only discovered once a lot of damage has been done, and most homeowners’ insurance…

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Parasitic Wasps May Be Solution to Citrus Greening Disease

Tamarixia wasps

Citrus plants throughout the United States, especially in Florida, have suffered from the citrus greening disease. Fortunately, researchers in Arizona have discovered that tiny parasitic wasps could be the solution to this problem. Citrus greening is a serious and devastating plant disease. The disease, which is also known as huanglongbing…

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Concerned About Arizona Citrus Quarantines?

When diseases that threaten to kill an entire crop appear on the radar, the uncertainty involved can cause unnecessary worry and stress. The arrival of the Asian citrus psyllid has caused just such concerns in parts of Arizona. Sightings of the bug have been reported in Maricopa County as well,…

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Pest Control for All of the Phoenix Area

When it comes to performing complete pest control/removal services, look no further than Green Home to get the job done right. We pride ourselves on providing both efficient and extremely effective ways to reduce or completely eradicate a number of pesky and persistent species of insects and vermin combined. Having…

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Prevent Bed Bugs All Year Round

With Phoenix still experiencing plenty of cases of bedbugs, it’s important to know how to prevent these nasty little critters from earning a ticket into your home. Phoenix is in the top 50 cities experiencing bed bug infestations, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to prevent bed bugs all…

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