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Popular Summer Pest Infestations

mice burrowing inside of home

There are numerous insect and rodent pests in Arizona, that can invade your home at any time of the year. The year-round warm climate in this region leads to pests that are active in any season, but most mice, scorpions, and spiders seek shelter inside a building in the dry…

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Rodent Pest Control | Gilbert AZ | Green Home Pest

Rodents cause damage and spread germs. Besides that, when they invade your home, these little critters are a creepy and unwelcome pest. If a business has rodents then they could be hurt for violating local health and safety codes. Green Home Pest Control offers professional rodent pest control Gilbert AZ…

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Signs That Your Home Has a Rodent Infestation | Pest Control Phoenix AZ

  There are some distinct signs that indicate if you have a rodent infestation. If you suspect that your home may have a rodent infestation, here are some things to look for. Droppings The first and most important sign of a rodent infestation is rodent droppings. This is an obvious…

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Pest of the Day – Dealing with Mice | Phoenix Pest Control

How To Deal With The Problem Of Mice Renters and homeowners both have the same concern when it comes to rodents. Simply put they don’t like or want them around. Mice are a serious concern because once they settle in your home, they can be very aggressive in their activities.…

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