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How To Keep Moths Out Of Your House

straight view of a hairy moth

Moths can be a pretty enough sight when seen fluttering around outdoor porch lights, but once they make their way indoors it’s a different story. Green Home Pest Control can help. If you notice moths flying around your house in plain view, chances are they probably aren’t clothes moths. Clothes moths…

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8 Organic Ways to Keep Crickets Out

cricket standing on green leaf

The incessant chirping of a cricket is enough to make anyone want to bust out their biggest shoe and find the culprits. Instead of being reactive, there are more organic ways to be proactive so those pesky little musicians keep the music in their own backyard. First of all, there…

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Mesa Coverage Area for Pest Control Services with Green Home Pest

man performing pest control services

Green Home Pest Control is one the most effective pest control service providers currently serving Mesa, Arizona. At Green Home Pest Control Mesa Az, we will carefully consider your situation and take the time to listen to your needs and preferences. We take into consideration several factors before we arrive…

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Popular Summer Pest Infestations

mice burrowing inside of home

There are numerous insect and rodent pests in Arizona, that can invade your home at any time of the year. The year-round warm climate in this region leads to pests that are active in any season, but most mice, scorpions, and spiders seek shelter inside a building in the dry…

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Safe and Organic Ways to Eliminate the Pests from a Garden

Weevils control pest

For our customers who want pest control services in order to control the pests that lurk outside a home, we offer modern organic methods. Instead of having chemicals applied to a garden, it is possible to use organic methods that are designed to eliminate the pests that can infest vegetable…

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The Importance of Pest Prevention

bed bug crawling in bed

Pest control tends to be an out of sight, out of mind issue. In other words, people don’t give much thought to pest control until they have pests. While it is certainly possible to rid your home of pests, it is easier by far to avoid pests from infesting your…

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Companion Planting: Natural Pest Control For Your Garden

organic pest control

It’s almost the season for summer gardening, and while you may be daydreaming about your flowers and veggies, it’s time to start thinking about something less glamorous but equally as important as where you will put your sprouting squash plants. What are you going to do this year about pests…

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How to Rid Your Home of Cockroaches

roaches treatment

As the weather becomes warmer, the last thing you want to see when you turn the lights on are cockroaches. No matter how clean you may think your home may be, a glimpse of these little little buggers can instantly make your surroundings feel dirty. However, If you don’t see…

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Keep Vigilant: Killer Bee Season Is Coming

bee swarm control

Now that the weather is getting warmer again, homeowners need to keep an eye out for beehives on their property. The Phoenix area is known for attracting swarms of Africanized honeybees, also known as killer bees. These bees are more aggressive than the European honeybees you may be used to…

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Protect Yourself from Mosquito Bites Naturally

mosquito extermination

Are you tired of being bitten by mosquitoes? Or are you tired of worrying that you may have picked up some exotic disease, like Zika, because you were bit by a mosquito? Do you want to protect yourself from potential harm without exposure to harsh chemicals? Call Green Home Pest…

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