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About Spiders In Arizona

Whether you love them or hate them, spiders are everywhere in Arizona neighborhoods, and they play an important role in our lives; not least through the management of the insect population. What else should we all know about spiders? Continue reading to learn more about these animals that thrive so…

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Arizona’s Neighborhood Spiders

Getting to Know the Spiders in the Phoenix Area The other day we talked about dealing with Arizona spider bites. When it’s important to seek medical care and also mentioned older article about how you can treat spider bites and stay green at the same time. Well, we figured maybe…

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What to Do About Arizona Spider Bites

In Arizona, the only spiders with dangerous venom are the black widow and the brown recluse. While most spiders are venomous, most of them will only cause swelling at the area surrounding the bite. The exception of course is if you have an allergic reaction to that particular spider’s venom.…

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