In the cold weather mice and rats alike will look for a warm place to go. There are several things to look for that are tell-tale signs that you have a rodent infestation.

Get Rid of Your Rodent Infestation
Droppings, mice, and rats defecate a prominent amount so you are bound to run across some of their droppings if they have taken up residence in your household. Typical places you will find the poop is in kitchen cabinets, drawers, bins pantries, and cupboards. Really anyplace they think they might find food at or would go to hide from predators. It is common to find droppings along walls, on top of wall studs or beams, near nests, and in boxes, bags, bins, furniture, etc.rodent infestations in arizona

Noises rodents make is another clue they are in your home. If mice or rats are present you are going to hear them, especially if your house is quite like in the early morning or late at night when nearly everyone is in bed and settled in. They make squeaking sounds and you will just hear them rustling around looking for food or to make a nest.

It is really rather gross but the next sign is finding urine. Mice leave a large amount of urine mixed in with oil and dirt, often you will find leading up to the urine pile urine drops that are much smaller.

If mice are in your house as well you may find bite marks on some of your food boxes and containers and some mice droppings will usually be close by the nibbled on food boxes.

The next thing a rodent is sure to do if they are in your home is to build themselves a nice, comfy nest. They will look for anything soft, fuzzy, or warm such as fabric, furniture stuffing, comforters and blankets, grass and twigs and will take them to a sheltered, out-of-the-way place like in boxes, bins, cabinets and closets, walls, even in the subflooring. Other possible places for them to make a nest are inside dressers, behind and inside appliances, and machinery, even inside computer cases. Anyplace warm and where they can get cozy.

mouseBelieve it or not, too, mice and rats make grease marks when going between the tiny spaces to get behind walls etc. Their coats are oily and often dirty. If the marks are more prominent it is more likely to be a rat infestation than mice. Mice make much lighter marks.

Gnaw marks are another sign that gives mice infestation away. They do it to keep their teeth ground down because they never stop growing. Wood is a favorite thing to chew on and sometimes you will notice what looks like coarse sawdust along baseboards, doors and window frames. The wood gnaw marks are pretty light at first but get darker with age. Mice will chew on anything they can get their teeth on though, not just wood. They have been known to chew on electrical wire and one of the leading causes of structural fires in homes.

Holes in food packaging are found often in homes with mice. They also have a very distinct odor or aroma that is not very pleasant at all. It is musky, once you smell it you will know what it is and not want to smell it again.

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Another clue is the tiny tracks mice will leave on a dusty floor. Mice have very small feet, so if you find tracks that are between three-quarter of an inch to one inch then it is more likely that it came from a rat rather than a mouse. If tracks are hard to find but you’re suspecting them in a certain area shining a flashlight across the floor at night might make it easier.

If your dog or cat becomes excitable than usual and is trying to dig to an area too small for them to get in, they could be sensing the presence of those unwanted house guests, so if you have an animal pay attention to their behavior if you are suspecting mice or rats.

All of these signs will make you more aware of a possible rodent infestation and then you should immediately call a professional exterminator or look for other means to rid your property of them before a lot of damage is done. Rodents can also carry diseases or cause some illnesses so you want to get rid of them as soon as possible for the health of you and your family.

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