Signs of Roof Rats

While watching television or cooking dinner one night, you hear it — a faint scratching sound from behind the walls or ceiling. You may begin to wonder whether you have some type of pest or rodent living in the crevices of your house. In Arizona, there’s no shortage of pests and rodents lurking throughout that sandy, sweltering landscape, and one of the most common pests local Scottsdale homeowners discover in their homes is the roof rat.

What Are Roof Rats?

Roof rats are often called black rats because of their dark brown or black fur, or a citrus rat because of their love for eating lemons and other citrus fruits. This rat species thrives in warm climates, which is why many Arizona homeowners find them around their property. Roof rats often stay around homes with a consistent citrus fruit food source — it’s believed roof rats need a lot of Vitamin C for growth and reproduction — and will often nest in dark attic spaces.

Common Roof Rat Nesting and Infestation Signs

Because roof rats found throughout Arizona are nocturnal and sleep during the day, it can be incredibly difficult for many homeowners to spot an infestation. By noticing some of these common roof rat infestation signs, you can quickly identify a pest presence and call a qualified exterminator to investigate further and determine an effective pest control solution. Sure signs you have roof rats include:

  • Rat droppings near food or inside cabinets, under sinks or in hidden spaces
  • Hanging or fallen citrus fruit that has been eaten or hollowed out
  • Scratching sounds behind walls at night
  • Rat nests in ceilings or attics made from shredded paper, fabric, insulation or other soft materials
  • Rat footprints in dusty areas — spot these using a flashlight and also checking for smudges, urine stains or droppings

I Have Rats in My House — Now What Can I Do?

If you’ve spotted some common signs of a roof rat infestation, try setting up a few traps or rodent bait traps. For roof rats, you’ll want to place traps on ledges, attic rafters, shelves, and dark areas high up where the rats congregate. For the best and most effective pest control, contact a trained, experienced pest control professional to quickly identify your rodent problem and develop the most appropriate solutions.

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