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There are some distinct signs that indicate if you have a rodent infestation. If you suspect that your home may have a rodent infestation, here are some things to look for.


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The first and most important sign of a rodent infestation is rodent droppings. This is an obvious sign that there is a rodent problem. Droppings typically show up in spaces around the walls or in your cabinets and cupboards, but you may see them in other areas of your home as well.

Food Debris and Tracks

Rodents are messy eaters. You may notice excess food debris in various areas of your house. These are usually crumbs and scraps from the rodent’s meals. You may also notice tracks, not only from food but from dust as well, along the floor boards and other hard surfaces. If the rodent is making its way outdoors each day then it can be tracking in soil from the outside. Since rodents often tend to follow the same path, you can typically monitor a path once it’s discovered.

Chewed Food Container

If you notice that cardboard boxes have been chewed on then it’s likely that a rodent has been in there trying to make a meal. One way to prevent this is to keep all items in plastic containers with lids.

Teeth Marks on Structures

It isn’t uncommon for there to be teeth marks on structures such as furniture when there is an unwanted rodent around. Just like everything else, rodents have to take care of their teeth and they do this by sharpening them on hard surfaces. Rodents, especially rats, will chew on just about anything. So look for signs on items such as electrical wiring, walls and support beams, as well as furniture.


Rodents will build nests in areas that have access to food and water, but are also safe from the threat of predators. These nests are easy to spot, however common materials to look for are fabric, grass, twigs, and stuffing. If you find that you have big chunks missing from your favorite sweater or couch, this could be a sign that a rodent is using it for its nest. You may also notice that some rodents will make their homes in burrows along the foundation of your house, or outside in wood piles and tall vegetation.

Noises at Night

Most rodents are nocturnal and are therefore most active at night. If you notice noises in the walls or in the ceiling during the night, then it is likely that you have a rodent problem.


The smell of rodent urine will be musky and different from normal household pet odors. The odor will be easier to detect in smaller areas where the odor is more concentrated. If you have a large infestation then you may also smell the odor of dead rodents as decomposition sets in.

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