Why You Shouldn’t Use Bed Bug Bombs

Bed bug bombs just can’t handle true bed bug extermination, Phoenix!

The packaging on at home chemical bug bombs or bug foggers advertises that they are an effective and affordable alternative to hiring a professional exterminator for pest elimination. These products are as affordable as they claim since you can bring one home for around $10. Unfortunately, a recent study shows that they are not likely to take care of a bed bug problem.

The Study

A team of entomologists from Ohio State University tested three different bug foggers that are sold on store shelves. The team determined that the foggers were essentially ineffective against bed bug infestations.

When Bed Bugs Move In

bed bug crawling on human skinOnce a bed bug infestation develops in a home or an apartment, the creatures are generally unaffected by the chemical composition that insecticide producers use in their products. During the course of the study, the test team discovered that even nonresistant bugs are able to survive the fogging released by a bug bomb because the chemicals are not able to reach them in their preferred hiding places, which include the cracks of your furniture or walls as well as in mattress crevices. In fact, when you use a fogger to eliminate bed bugs, you may wind up increasing their resistance to these types of chemicals. Bed bug extermination Phoenix professionals can help when pests decide that your home is their home.

Additional Problems with Bed Bug Bombs

According to reports, bug bombs can cause people to suffer from headaches, nausea and coughing due to application errors like not leaving a home fast enough after activating the bug bomb. The insecticides used in foggers can leave pollutants on your home’s surfaces. Furthermore, the aerosol element of the bomb is flammable.

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Is a Bed Bug Infestation Harmful?

A bed bug infestation may cause you emotional distress. Fortunately, the occurrence is unlikely to result in health problems for you or your family members. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases. However, the pests will bite you, and this action may trigger itchy welts. Also, some people are allergic to their saliva.

Bed bugs are small, but you can still spot them. The pests are flat and oval shaped. They have reddish brown bodies and measure up to a ¼-inch long.

Bed Bug Extermination Phoenix

Due to the legendary resilience of bed bugs you should consider hiring a professional bed bug extermination Phoenix company if you suspect that your home has an infestation of the pests. Green Home Pest Control invests in the proper equipment and training to handle bed bug infestations in diverse situations. We only use safe EcoSmart pesticides that protect you and your family from pests and dangerous toxins. Our experienced technicians will provide you with great customer service and will ensure your bed bug problem is resolved while giving the necessary information to help you prevent any further infestations in the future.


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