Termites are notorious for the extent of damage they can cause to homes and businesses. Once you’ve noticed signs of termites, there may be thousands of these pests attacking behind the scenes. For complete termite extermination, call Green Home Termite & Pest Control now.

What to Know About Termites

What Termites Eat

The most important thing to know about termites is that they need cellulose to get the nutrients they need. They find it in the cell walls of plants in all types of natural materials, such as wood, paper, and cotton, and have microorganisms in their digestive tracts that break down the cellulose to make the nutrients available.

Nearly every type of home has sources of cellulose in them. Even if you have a new home that was pre-treated for termites, the effectiveness of that treatment wears off in just a few years, leaving your home vulnerable to termite damage. 

Types of Termites in Mesa, AZ

Like much of the U.S., the termite damage in the Mesa area is often from drywood termites or subterranean termites. Drywood termites establish their colonies inside wood away from the soil, while subterranean termites nest underground. The termite inspection pros at Green Home Termite & Pest Control know where to look for and how to identify the type of Arizona termite you have.

Damage Caused by Termites

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage to structures in the U.S. every year. They cause destruction around the clock and eat 34/7. Subterranean termites may number in the millions in a single colony, so by the time you notice signs of damage, they’ve done much more damage you can’t see. Termites have strong mandibles that allow them to chew through all types of material, from plastic to drywall.

At Green Home Termite & Pest Control, we provide expert termite inspection for your Mesa home, plus fumigation and extermination. 

Preventing Termites

Termites are persistent creatures, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to prevent a termite infestation, most of which are related to reducing moisture. These include:

  • Keeping your home’s foundation clear: Piles of wood and wood mulch should be several inches away from the foundation. You don’t want to provide the dampness and food that termites prefer in a spot that brings them into direct contact with your home. Stacks of firewood should be kept off the ground and stored well away from your house. Look for any spots where wood is in contact with the soil around your home—these provide the ideal place for termite activity.
  • Direct water away from your house: Most homes have plenty of sources of water that termites need, whether it’s the lines that drain condensation from your air conditioning system or an irrigation system that sprays water against your exterior walls. Look for and adjust anything that sends water toward your house, such as downspouts, and keep gutters free of debris that can cause clogs and backups.
  • Keep your landscaping tidy: Inspect your property for plants, trees, and shrubs that touch the exterior of your home. These can provide a bridge for termites to get under the foundation or in the walls. Also remove any dead vegetation that gives termites a place to hide.
  • Check indoors for moisture: Preventing termites in your Mesa home isn’t just an outside task—you’ll also need to make sure there aren’t sources of water inside. Check for leaks and drips under sinks in kitchens and bathrooms and signs of water damage on walls and in the attic. 
  • Find and seal openings: Most structures have small cracks in their foundations, and it doesn’t take much space for termites to get in them. Seal cracks and crevices as soon as you notice them.

Signs of Termites in Mesa

The obvious sign that you have termites is seeing them (or their wings), but there are several less obvious signs and sounds to watch out for that may be indications that termites are present. These include:


You may hear rattles, buzzing, or soft clicks inside your walls. Termites bang their heads against hard surfaces to warn other members of the colony of danger, and make all sorts of noises as they move and eat.


Termites leave evidence in their destructive wake. You may notice that your wood has a hollow sound or see holes and tunnels. If the infestation is extensive, you may see the result of a termite colony having consumed a pound of wood in a day as sections of wood disappear.


Drywood termites push their droppings out of the entrances to their tunnels; subterranean termites use them as construction material to support their tunnels. Termite dropping piles (or termite frass) is a strong indication that a colony is being established nearby.

Call the Mesa Termite Extermination Experts

At the first sign of termites, get in touch for a free quote on our termite treatments. We offer comprehensive termite control for homes and businesses, starting with a thorough termite inspection by one of our experienced termite technicians. 

We identify the type of termite you have and locate their colony. We then use liquid termite treatments to establish a barrier around your foundation. Termites track across this barrier and take the liquid back to their colony to expose the other termites to the treatment product.

You can count on Green Home Termite & Pest Control to take care of your termite problem because our services are guaranteed. If termites come back during the warranty period, we will return to your home or business to provide additional treatments at no cost to you. We also have ongoing treatments for the most proactive termite control.

Mesa Termite Control FAQs

There is no single price for termite treatment since every home or business is different. Some of the factors that affect termite treatment costs are the size of the structure, the size and extent of the infestation, the type of termites you have, and the best treatment method for your unique termite problem. We will be happy to give you a free quote online, or you can call us at 480-525-7378.
Subterranean termites have white wings and black bodies up to an inch long; adult drywood termites are about ⅜” long and their swarmers have black wings and red bodies. Swarmers will drop their wings after they land, so you may easily spot piles of discarded termite wings.
Termite pre-treatments are not formulated to last forever, and the termiticides used on new homes don’t offer protection against drywood termites. In addition, if the soil that was treated gets disturbed, such as it would while landscaping, or becomes mixed with untreated soil, the barrier that the pre-treatment established may be compromised.  Considering the extreme damage that termites can do to a home—even those that are just a few years old—it makes good financial sense to keep your home protected from all kinds of wood-destroying insects.
Our comprehensive termite inspection and termite treatment services offer this and more:
  • A close, thorough inspection of your property, both outside and inside.
  • The location of termites’ nesting sites and colonies
  • The location of the entry points termites use to get into your home.
  • The identification of the specific type of termite you have.
  • The creation of a fully customized treatment plan.
  • The application of liquid termite treatments to establish a barrier around your foundation.
If you’d like a free quote or would like more information on all of our Mesa Pest Control services, please call us at 480-525-7378 or schedule your quote online.



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