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No matter how well-kept your home is—or what type of home you have—bed bugs can become a problem. A few bed bugs can turn into an infestation quickly because your home provides so many places for them to hide and breed. 

You may be tempted to try your own Mesa pest control by spraying for bed bugs in your home, but killing the few you can see won’t take care of those you can’t see. The good news is that Green Home Termite & Pest Control offers expert Mesa bed bug removal, including bed bug heat treatment that’s guaranteed to solve your bed bug problem.

Where Bed Bugs Hide in Your Mesa Home

Bedrooms aren’t the only place where bed bugs may live. They can be almost anywhere, including some spots that don’t quickly come to mind. Wherever the climate provides a temperature range of about 65 to 85 degrees—as it often does here in Mesa—bed bugs can set up housekeeping.

In addition to mattresses, sheets, and blankets, here are some of the places we often find these insects on our bed bug inspections, particularly if the infestation is extensive:


Bed bugs aren’t picky about their hiding places, especially in your bedroom. The electrical outlets and switch plates nearest to your bed may harbor them.


It may seem odd, but the bulbs in fluorescent light fixtures will attract bed bugs. Change the light bulbs regularly to inspect for the presence of bed bugs.


The furry coverings on stuffed animals is a favorite hiding place for bed bugs. Wash and dry stuffed animals and similar toys on a hot cycle. (Bed bugs can’t survive high heat.)


If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your Mesa home, make sure your bed bug inspection includes all of your upholstered furniture. Look closely wherever furniture has seams: along piping on cushions, between cushions, and where tags are attached. 


When an infestation is bad enough, bed bugs will hide in the most unlikely of places, such as behind frames pictures and art on the wall. They will even get behind areas where wallpaper is loose.


Another bed bug hiding spot that’s easily overlooked are the joints in furniture. These pests will tuck their flat bodies into the narrow joints in drawers, dressers, beds, and chairs.


The creases and pockets of purses and bags give bed bugs plenty of places to tuck in. It’s better to hang these items rather than leave them on floors or furniture.

Places Bed Bugs Hide Outside Your Home

Outside your Mesa home, bed bugs can be just about anywhere. In public spaces, they may hide in these places and more:


Your children aren’t the only ones who may be riding home on a school bus. One factor is backpacks—as with purses, bed bugs may be getting carried around in backpacks. Wash them regularly and vacuum in between washings to prevent infestations.


The seats, carpeting, and even the vents on airplanes can harbor bed bugs. To avoid taking bed bugs home after a trip, vacuum your suitcases before putting them away.

Bed Bug Infestations—What To Look For

Some of the more common signs of the presence of bed bugs include:

  • Stains: If you crush a bed bug on your mattress after it’s fed, you may notice a reddish stain. Tiny rust-color stains anywhere in your Mesa home may be the trails of excrement they leave as they move around.
  • Bites: Sometimes mistaken for mosquito or chigger bites, bed bug bites often appear in lines or zigzag patterns, or in clusters. They will bite any exposed skin, particularly on your arms and legs.
  • Adult bed bugs: You can’t see bed bugs in their early growth stages, but you can see adults, which are about ¼” long. They’re easiest to see when they’ve recently fed, when they will be more plump than flat. You may also spot the discarded skin of a bed bug that has molted.

How To Kill Bed Bugs

If you don’t yet have a full-on infestation, there are steps you can take to get rid of bed bugs and prevent future problems:


Boxes, bags, personal items, and piles of clutter give bed bugs plenty of places to hide. Keep rooms—especially bedrooms—clean and neat.


Go after bed bugs with your vacuum cleaner, getting into crevices along baseboards and walls. Two important notes: (1) don’t use a brush attachment, since bed bugs can get caught in the bristles and be transported to other parts of your home, and (2) completely empty out canister vacuums or remove vacuum bags once you’re done.


Use 120-degree water to launder washable items such as garments, bed linens, tablecloths, curtains, blankets, and other items.


It may seem like an extreme measure, but if you want to make absolutely certain that your furniture doesn’t harbor bed bugs, take your bed apart and thoroughly clean the parts. Also check for any tears or holes in the fabric on box springs.


Caulking the spaces along baseboards and sealing holes in walls can help keep bed bugs from hiding there in the future.

Bed Bug Treatments in Mesa, AZ

Green Home Pest Control focuses on bed bug treatments that are environmentally friendly and better for your family and pets. In Mesa, we offer these treatment options:


Raising the room temperature above 90 degrees and holding it there for a minimum of 90 minutes is an effective, non-toxic method for killing bed bugs. Bed bug heat treatment for your Mesa home kills these insects at every life stage, and it penetrates even the tiniest cracks and crevices.


We also have products to treat your home that are formulated for minimal impact on your family and pets while still being highly effective.


Bed bug prevention is key to avoiding infestations and to your peace of mind. Green Home Pest Control sells specialty mattresses at affordable prices to help prevent future infestations.

Professional Mesa Bed Bug Extermination

Experience the Green Home difference for yourself. We do more than provide expert bed bug treatment—we also make followup visits to be sure that your treatment was effective. If needed, we will be glad to provide repeat treatments at no cost to you until your bed bug problem is completely solved.

Mesa Bed Bug Treatment FAQs

Bed bugs are attracted to our bodies’ carbon dioxide exhalation and our warmth and moisture. They can detect humans from several feet away.
Bed bugs are expert travelers and can hitch a ride from outside into your home several ways. These are just a few:  
  • In luggage and purses
  • On your clothes
  • In boxes and bags
  • In used furniture, bedding, drapery, or rugs
  • Backpacks
Adult females will look for undisturbed places that are close to a source of food. That’s why the small cracks and crevices and seams of your bed are favorite places—there are a lot of hidden spots there and you provide the food.
Bed bugs are tough, hard to find, and move around easily. They can live a long time without eating and survive a wide range of temperatures. The good news is that bed bug heat treatment from Green Home Pest Control kills bed bugs with temperatures higher than the insects can survive.
It’s difficult to determine whether you have an infestation without a thorough inspection by professionals who know exactly what to look for and where. Keep in mind that an adult female bed bug can lay a dozen eggs in just a day, so if you see even one bed bug, your best course of action is to call us. We are experts at finding bed bugs’ hiding places and identifying them at every stage of their lifecycle. Green Home Pest Control offers free, no-obligation quotes for our comprehensive Mesa bed bug treatments.



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