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pest control mesa Arizona is home to hundreds of species of insects, several types of rodents and other pests. Located in the Phoenix Valley, Mesa is a hotspot for pest problems year-round. Pests are more than just an uncomfortable nuisance, though. They often pose serious health risks to your family and pets. In some cases, pest encounters can lead to severe injury — or worse. If you have a pest problem, you need an exterminator.

Our team has over 30 years of experience providing personalized pest control services in Mesa and the surrounding area. Our treatments are environmentally-friendly, specially designed to protect your family from the harsh chemicals many other pest control companies are known for using. We treat the infestation, address potential future risks and provide ongoing services to keep your home or business free from pests — for good.

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What Do You Get With Green Home Pest Control?

For the best pest control, you need a local exterminator that is familiar with the challenges common to our area. We treat every call with the personal attention it needs. We identify your pests, their point of entry and find out where they are hiding. Our treatments are designed to eliminate the pests’ places of refuge, prevent their re-entry and keep them off your property. We don’t just spray and leave. We offer total home care backed by our warranty.

When you work with us, you’ll receive:

  • Guaranteed services: Lose your pests, gain peace of mind. All our services are guaranteed effective. If your pests return during the treatment cycle, we will re-service your property — free of charge — until they are gone.
  • Personal attention: We’re a local, family-owned company. We treat you like you’re our neighbor because you are. All our customers receive individual care, ensuring we address your pest problem or prevention strategy directly.
  • Fast treatments: Pest problems demand quick attention. We offer same-day service in Mesa and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on prompt service with the highest levels of professionalism.
  • Eco-friendly pest control: Our pest control methods are eco-friendly, designed to eliminate your pest problem without creating additional health concerns. Our green pest control treatments protect your family without compromising effectiveness.

Residential and Commerical Pest Control in Mesa, AZ

At Green Home Termite & Pest Control, we offer eco-friendly pest control services for both residential and commercial property owners. Whether you’re responding to an infestation or are interested in preventative care, we’ll design a custom solution guaranteed to fit your needs. For homeowners and business owners, pest problems spell danger for personal safety, liability exposure and property damage. If you have unwanted pests on your property, target them with specialized treatments.

We Exterminate All Arizona Pests

Pests can enter your property through the ground, from the air or via plumbing. In Mesa, pests pose a problem throughout the year, with many populations exploding during the summer months. If it’s your turn to face an infestation, we’ll take care of it today and for years to come. We offer extermination services for all Arizona pests, including:

  • Scorpions: Arizona is home to dozens of species of scorpions. The bark scorpion, prevalent in the Mesa area, is highly venomous and can be dangerous to people and pets alike.
  • Spiders: More species of spiders are present in Mesa than most would like to realize. We offer specialized treatment for all of them, making your home comfortable again.
  • Crickets: Crickets produce annoying racket, noxious odor and are capable of painful bites. We will safely exterminate crickets and exclude them from coming back.
  • Termites: Termite extermination includes a free home inspection from a trained professional. Our termite treatments eliminate subterranean and drywood termites.
  • Rodents: Rodents are dirty and often carry diseases and bacteria. They will chew through virtually anything in your home. We do complete extermination and prevention.

Our extermination services extend to the full range of pests you may encounter across the Phoenix Valley, including antsbed bugsmosquitos and all the different pests looking to turn your home into theirs.

Professional Service, Personal Care

When you hire Green Home Termite & Pest Control, you’re hiring exterminators with years of experience providing effective pest control solutions across the Valley. We hold all our employees to the highest standards, from the initial hiring process through each extermination service they perform. You can rest assured your home or business is in capable hands. We’re a part of the Mesa community, and we want the best for our customers and neighbors.

Our Process

Pest control is a process, beginning with a home inspection and continuing with ongoing treatments. Depending on the pests you’re facing, treatment types and application frequency can change. Our technicians will explain all the steps involved in your custom solution at the time of service.

Initial Inspection

Service begins with a home inspection. Even in cases where the type of pest seems obvious, our technicians need to assess the situation before recommending treatment. We determine the pests involved, their exact species, their points of entry and their location. We’ll typically perform the first service during this visit. Initial services exterminate pests and flush survivors from their hiding places and out of your home.

Ongoing Care

Once the initial concerns are under control, we’ll create a plan to keep your pests from coming back. Plans typically involve a combination of pest control products and home improvements for blocking pests and removing the temptation and means for them to enter your property. Our services are guaranteed. If your pests return during the care period, we will re-service — free of charge — until the job is complete.

Pest Control Services in Mesa, AZ

If you have a pest problem, you need quick results. Give us a call and see what the Green Home Difference means for you. We back all our services with a guarantee to re-service your home or business until we’ve completely eradicated your pest problem. With over 30 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and eco-friendly pest control products to keep your home free from unwanted guests. Weekend service is available. Request a free quote online or call (480) 525-7378 today.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We’re confident you’ll be completely satisfied with our service. We guarantee it.

  • “Green Home Pest Control is the company to use, they quickly took care of our ant problem and now our kids can play in the yard without getting bit. I highly recommend them over any other company in the valley–we used them all. Trusted owner, great customer service and priced right.”

    Scott O., Scottsdale, AZ
  • “Great service, very informative of the area and how to handle all pests that are located where I live. I am new to area and would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in pest control. Thanks guys for a wonderful experience.”

    Phillip T., Queen Creek, AZ
  • “I have had scorpions for years and every pest control company I used (4) could never fully get rid of the problem! This is why I have decided to get on here and post something about Green Home. They have been servicing my home now for 6 months and I have not seen one scorpion since they sprayed my home the first time. I will never leave them, and my tech is very thorough and explains things to me, which I like. Highly recommended!!!!!”

    Jim M., Phoenix, AZ
  • “Hi, I have been very satisfied with the service of Green Home Pest Control after changing to your company several months back after being with my previous company for 3 years. The Service Techs are very professional and attentive to my requests and very friendly. Thank you for the great service…I hate bugs!”

    Kathy B., Scottsdale, AZ
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