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You may have just discovered that you’re sharing your home with a variety of bugs and want to get rid of the infestation right away. Or perhaps you’re looking for a reputable pest control company to perform a pest inspection and apply a preventive treatment to a residential or commercial property that you’ve just purchased in Glendale. No matter why you need professional pest control services, Green Home Pest is there for you. We’re proud to be a local company that cares about the community and the environment, all while providing the best quality in pest control to residents and businesses.

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Having pests on your property is more than just a nuisance. Some pests may spread various diseases. Others, such as bed bugs, can cause bites that may lead to serious health complications in certain individuals. Termites can cause significant property damage by chewing on wood. In fact, their infestations cause more property damage in the United States than fires, floods, and storms put together. Another important consideration is that if you own a business like a restaurant, you have a responsibility to ensure that it is free of unsanitary conditions like the presence of insects or rodents. A pest infestation in a business can result in fines and other legal liability.

Professional pest control in Glendale AZ, can help with preventing illnesses such as salmonella that is transmitted from a cockroach’s filthy body or Zika virus that is transmitted by mosquito bites. With an effective inspection and remediation from a knowledgeable exterminator, a commercial or residential property owner is less likely to have an infestation from insects or rodents. Because Arizona has a year-round warm climate, a large number of insects and rodents proliferate. In order to find food, moisture and breeding locations, these pests enter buildings.

This is why it is imperative for property owners to contact a professional pest control company for services such as setting up humane steel traps, spraying biological pesticides and performing attic-cleaning services. When a building has an infestation of pests, it requires individualized treatment to control each species of insect or rodent. Using the wrong chemical sprays or bait traps can make a pest infestation worse or leave rotting corpses of rats inside walls.

Rather than spraying dangerous man-made chemicals in a building to get rid of insects, an exterminator may suggest using treatments that cockroaches or termites carry back to the nests to eliminate young. In addition, these biological chemicals may sterilize insects to prevent additional breeding even if the termites or cockroaches travel to a new building. While this form of pest control in Glendale may take more time, it helps to prevent new generations of insects that are resistant to pesticides. For rodents, an exterminator can offer ways to prevent invasions such as sealing holes and crevices with wire mesh devices.

Protect your property with Green Home Pest. Our experienced technicians will listen to your needs and evaluate the situation thoroughly so that a proper pest control plan can be put in place and the necessary work was done to prevent pests from infesting your property, eradicate any infestations that are found and keep the pests from coming back.

Professional and Environmentally Responsible Pest Control Services in Glendale

pest control alternatives in Glendale ArizonaWhile pests can cause health problems, some of the harsh chemicals that many other companies use may also lead to health issues in certain individuals, most notably children and the elderly. Furthermore, these chemicals are often dangerous to the environment as well. Here at Green Home Pest, we use an environmentally responsible approach to pest control. Any pest control product that we apply on your property will be as eco-friendly and safe as possible without compromising effectiveness.

All of our technicians have the needed training, licenses and certifications to perform pest control work in Glendale. Our team has more than 30 years of combined experience in the pest control field. As we’re a local company, we understand the unique challenges brought by the various kinds of pests present in the Glendale area. This has allowed us to develop treatment and prevention strategies that are the most effective.

Services We Offer in Glendale Include:

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We strive to bring you superior quality pest control services for your home or business. We do this by hiring only certified and background checked technicians that are highly experienced in the field. Green Home Pest offers prompt and professional services with the same day service available for urgent cases. No matter what kind of pest is bothering you or how severe the infestation is, we can help you fight it with our highly effective, yet fully safe and environmentally responsible pest control products and techniques. With Green Home Pest, your property will finally be pest-free.

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  • “Green Home Pest Control is the company to use, they quickly took care of our ant problem and now our kids can play in the yard without getting bit. I highly recommend them over any other company in the valley–we used them all. Trusted owner, great customer service and priced right.”

    Scott O., Scottsdale, AZ
  • “Great service, very informative of the area and how to handle all pests that are located where I live. I am new to area and would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in pest control. Thanks guys for a wonderful experience.”

    Phillip T., Queen Creek, AZ
  • “I have had scorpions for years and every pest control company I used (4) could never fully get rid of the problem! This is why I have decided to get on here and post something about Green Home. They have been servicing my home now for 6 months and I have not seen one scorpion since they sprayed my home the first time. I will never leave them, and my tech is very thorough and explains things to me, which I like. Highly recommended!!!!!”

    Jim M., Phoenix, AZ
  • “Hi, I have been very satisfied with the service of Green Home Pest Control after changing to your company several months back after being with my previous company for 3 years. The Service Techs are very professional and attentive to my requests and very friendly. Thank you for the great service…I hate bugs!”

    Kathy B., Scottsdale, AZ
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