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The warm, dry climate of the Phoenix area makes it an attractive location to live and work. Unfortunately, this allure applies to pests as well as humans. The balmy, sunny weather of Glendale, Tempe, and Gilbert allows a variety of unwanted guests like rodents, spiders, and scorpions to thrive. We’re ready to step in, make a thorough diagnosis, and eliminate the problem using guaranteed methods.

There’s no shortage of critters that can take up unauthorized occupancy in any home or business. These creatures are both an annoyance and a potential threat. Consider some of the beasts and the hazards they pose in some of our important communities.



ant With high-tech manufacturing to help things along, Chandler, at nearly 261,000 people, boasts an extremely rapid growth rate. With warm weather all year, it also has a teeming ant population. The dry climate makes the water supplies in both residential and commercial properties attractive to ant colonies that can continuously multiply. On top of that, species like red imported fire ants can swarm and dish out painful bites. We can track down where their colonies are hidden and take effective action to take them out and keep them out.


Spiders are always unpleasant to have around, but in Glendale, they can also be dangerous. Situated in the desert, Glendale is home to such species as the black widow, brown widow, and brown recluse spiders. These varieties are characterized by a painful bite that can inflict long-term health problems. In some vulnerable individuals, they can also be life-threatening.


Presently, Gilbert is the fourth fastest growing city in the US. Bees, wasps, and hornets do pretty good around here, too. The lack of heavy rains means it’s always great flying weather for these stinging insects. Eliminating them begins with removing nests and hives. This requires skills and the right equipment. Any of these species can be difficult, but the warmth of the region also means Africanized killer bees are established in the area.


cockroach With roughly 472,000 residents, Mesa has a lot of hideouts for cockroaches. These tough insects are actually quite vulnerable to freezing weather. The trouble is the Sonoran desert Mesa is located in doesn’t provide much killing frost to keep cockroaches under control. Luckily, we’re here to do that job. Like ants, they love to get into homes, get into food supplies, and spread germs around. They’re good at hiding, but we’re better at finding and eliminating them.


Flora Mae Statler, founder of Surprise, AZ, would be surprised at how its population has exploded to around 126,000 inhabitants. People in the city occasionally get their own surprises when mice or rats scurry across their rooms. Surprise isn’t immune to this problem found virtually everywhere. Highly evolved household parasites, rats and mice also have rapidly growing teeth they constantly have to grind down by gnawing on whatever’s available.


With plenty of corporate headquarters and an Arizona State University campus, there are lots of commercial buildings in Tempe for scorpions to hang out in. Although they’re synonymous with the desert, scorpions love dampness and shade found indoors. Prowling at night, they can deliver a nasty sting with their tails. We can remove this problem and ensure they don’t return.

Whether it’s Chandler, Mesa, or Surprise, there’s a considerable array of threatening pests ready to wreck havoc in the region. We can identify the problem, take safe, effective action to rid the site of them, and do follow-up measures to keep them from coming back. We guarantee the whole thing.


Incorporated in 1951 with a population of just 2,000 individuals, Scottsdale has quickly become one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Arizona. It is now home to nearly 237,000 people and receives plenty of tourists every year, with its downtown area being referred to as a “desert version of Miami’s South Beach” by The New York Times. Unfortunately, Scottsdale also seems to have attracted a fair amount of pests, such as bed bugs and cockroaches. If these or any other pests are causing you problems, our crews are here to solve them once and for all.

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