How To Find Scorpions at Night

Living in the dusty, deserted Arizona wilderness means you may often dismiss the idea of finding a scorpion scuttling around your property, especially if you’re near an often deserted area. Most scorpions found throughout Arizona pose little threat to humans besides an irritating sting, except the dangerous Arizona Bark Scorpion. If you enjoy camping, hiking, jogging or just exploring your surroundings in the dark, then you should still know the best ways to find these pests in the nighttime to prevent a hazardous situation.

How to Find Scorpions in the Dark

Scorpions are nocturnal creatures and do most of their hunting and other activity at night, which is why homeowners need the right tools to spot scorpions to avoid mishaps and injuries. The most important tool local Arizona residents should keep handy when out after sundown is a black light — you can typically find a small, affordable black light flashlight at your local hardware or sporting goods store.

When scorpions get struck by black lights, they’ll look like they’re green and even glowing. Scorpions can glow when exposed to black lights because of a nitrogenous element found in the insect’s cuticles.

Hunting for Scorpions in Arizona

With a black light flashlight, you can easily and safely spot scorpions in your environment. Always make sure to wear close-toed shoes to avoid accidental stings around your feet and ankles when hunting for scorpions in Arizona. If you’re searching for scorpions in a metro area such as Phoenix, you’ll often find them around cinderblock walls, cinderblock structures or near house walls. Once you find a few scorpions, you can:

  • Capture them with traps: Scorpions don’t typically stray too far from their homes. If you see a few of them lurking around a structure near your home using your black light, you can set up a few traps to capture them or use a stiff card to scoop the scorpion into a mason jar.
  • Get them sticky: A simple, yet effective way for catching scorpions while keeping your distance is using a stick with masking tape. Wrap the tape, sticky side facing outward, around the end of a hefty, thick stick, such as a branch, broom handle, hiking pole or baseball bat. Then lightly tap the scorpion with the sticky side, attaching it to your device. You can try relocating the scorpion to a secure, remote location.

Keep the Scorpions Away With Help From Green Home Pest Control

If scorpions are running rampant on your property and you can’t manage them using your black light and traps, call the trained, experienced and friendly local pest control experts at Green Home Pest Control. We’re a locally owned and operated company specializing in a range of Arizona pest control solutions. When you spot scorpions in and around your home, you can trust the pest control professionals at Green Home Pest Control to respond to your call promptly and determine the best control solutions to get rid of scorpions.

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