Safely Dealing With Bee Swarms

Pest control is always a serious issue. Nobody wants to wake up one day to find out that their home has been invaded by insects. However, some pest control situations are more serious than others. It’s important to know when to call for pest control, and when to call 911.

A good example of this can be found with a recent situation in Phoenix Valley. It seemed like an ordinary afternoon for residents within the neighborhood. One homeowner made a shocking discovery which dramatically changed the mood of the day. It turns out that a neighboring house had become infested with bees. Worse, the discovery prompted the bees to become especially aggressive. The person who discovered the bees was stung many times. Other people in the area also received the aggressive attention of the swarm. Even a reporter who was sent out to cover the story wound up experiencing a scare. Despite the fact that the area was being treated, she still ended up with a bee in her hair. As one might expect, she too was stung. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured. Things might have been different if anyone in the area was allergic to bee stings.

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The swarm was caused by bees taking up residence within a home in the area. During the initial stages of colonization, the bees weren’t much of a threat. Things can change quickly when it comes to insects though. All it took was some time and the right circumstances. And a previously calm colony of bees turned aggressive.

bee-swarm-300x201There’s two important points to take away from the story. The first is the importance of calling for pest control as quickly as possible. The reason the situation was so serious is due to the amount of time the colony had to grow. Any insect colony needs to start somewhere. The best time to take care of an infestation is when it’s at the earliest possible point of growth. It’s far easier to take care of a group which is just starting out than it is once they’ve really made a home for themselves.

It’s important that people remain vigilant and call for pest control services as soon as possible. Obviously there’s no pressing concern when you see a single bee. If bees continue to appear in your home, that’s a strong sign that there might be a hive there. Quick action can take care of the situation before it even becomes a serious problem.

The second point to keep in mind is that sometimes the call should go out to 911. Again, you should try to have pest control specialists take care of the issue before it becomes too serious. An aggressive bee swarm can put the lives of people and pets in danger. It’s best, in those situations, to call 911. The best way to decide which is the best choice will come down to human safety. People should ask themselves if the situation might end up with people injured or even killed. If the answer is yes, then it’s best to call 911. They, in turn, might call for pest control. But the most important thing is that they will come with equipment on hand to take care of anyone who might be injured.

A good plan of action is to have a list of phone numbers for emergency situations. Obviously 911 isn’t a difficult number to remember. Keeping our number on hand to take care of bug infestations can ensure that it never reaches the stage where 911 is actually needed.


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