Safe and Organic Ways to Eliminate the Pests from a Garden

For our customers who want pest control services in order to control the pests that lurk outside a home, we offer modern organic methods. Instead of having chemicals applied to a garden, it is possible to use organic methods that are designed to eliminate the pests that can infest vegetable or fruit plants.

One: Parasitic Nematodes 

Weevil infestation in arizona Parasitic nematodes occur naturally in a garden’s soil in order to control destructive pests such as:

• Root maggots
• Weevils
• Grubs
• Corn earworms

However, a property’s soil does not have enough parasitic nematodes to eliminate all of the pests that can destroy a garden’s crops. An exterminator can apply additional parasitic nematodes into the soil located in fields or gardens, and after the bacteria are consumed by destructive pests, the worms, grubs or maggots die within two days. This form of pest control is nontoxic, safe and organic.

Two: Bacillus Thuringiensis

There are different types of Bacillus thuringiensis that are dangerous for specific types of pests. Our exterminators can inspect a garden or field to determine the best type of this bacterium to use on plants to infect a certain species of pest. Bacillus thuringiensis is effective against these varieties of pests:

• Potato Beetles
• Squash Borers
• Cabbage Worms
• Tomato Hornworms

By using the right type of organic powder or liquid, the targeted insect will ingest the bacteria, making it unable to consume any food. While Bacillus thuringiensis is effective against infestations of particular species of pests, it can also inadvertently eliminate beneficial caterpillars or insects. We suggest using this organic method for serious infestations of pests.

Three: Oil Sprays

white flies in phoenix arizonaOur exterminators can use oil sprays to suffocate pests or to eliminate eggs with a direct application. We can provide this extermination method while pests are dormant to prevent new infestations, or our team can apply sprays when the pests are active. If we need to apply the oil sprays to plants, then we select a lightweight product that evaporates quickly to avoid damaging a crop. Oil spray extermination methods are performed when weather is cool and dry. We recommend applying oil sprays to small areas of a garden or field to avoid eliminating the good insect species. Horticultural oil sprays help to control these pests:

• Whiteflies
• Leafhoppers
• Mites
• Aphids

To avoid harming beneficial honeybees, we make sure that our exterminators apply oil sprays in the early morning.

Four: Insecticidal Soap

Another important organic way to eliminate the pests that are destroying a crop is with the application of insecticidal soap. While insecticidal soap is still wet, it dissolves an insect’s outer skin layer, leading to death. It is important for our exterminators to spray this organic substance directly on dangerous pests rather than beneficial insects. We test a few leaves from a plant first to ensure that the insecticidal soap does not destroy a crop. Insecticidal soap is effective against soft-bodied insects or nymphs such as:

• Mites
• Grubs

To ensure this organic method is effective, we spray the insecticidal soap on a cool day a few hours before it begins to rain.

Five: Sticky Traps

mealy bug removal arizonaOur exterminators can place sticky traps in a field or garden to capture specific pests. Certain types of pests are attracted to particular colors of traps, and we perform an inspection first to determine the best trap to use. Sticky traps are effective for these types of pests:

• Midges

To ensure insects or other pests enter a sticky trap, we place numerous devices a few feet apart throughout a garden or field.

Six: Pheromone Traps

Pheromone traps are a safe and organic way to capture male moths, corn borers or pinworms to prevent breeding that leads to more of these types of pests:

• Tomato pinworms
• Cabbage loopers
• Corn Borers

When we find male moths and other pests in a pheromone trap, our exterminators know that it is time to begin other organic pest-control methods.

Call Green Pest Control

If you want to enjoy a big crop of vegetables and fruit from your home’s garden this year, call Green Home Pest to have exterminators apply organic substances or place safe traps on a property.


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