The Rising Tide of Bed Bugs

png image of a bed bug
Everyday, bed bugs are becoming more and more of a problem for the residents here in Phoenix. It’s important to detect any bed bugs you may have in your home early before they become a larger problem. This bed bug problem can cause some serious issues for you and your family, but there are ways to deal with this issue as well as prevent it. Before knowing how to rid your home of these little pests, it is best to know what they are and what they can do.

A bed bug is a parasite that feeds upon the blood of warm-blooded creatures: you, your family, and your pets. Since Phoenix first appeared on the list of top cities with bed bugs, the bed bug problem has only grown in numbers.This mostly due to Phoenicians misconceptions of who’s at risk of being affected by bed bugs. It doesn’t matter if you have a clean house, bed bugs can still infest your home. People who travel are the most likely to bring bed bugs home, bed bugs and their eggs most often enter the home in luggage. There are even reports of bed bugs infesting airlines. Check out “7 Steps: Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Vacation” for tips. When they do come into your home, they reside in relatively hidden places. This includes cracks in the wall, in the dresser, and even within your own bed mattresses.

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, so you would not be expecting to see one crawl on the floor during the day. They reside in their little hidden spots until the later hours of the night. While bed bugs primarily live individually while roaming, but once they have established a home will congregate for the purpose of breeding. Bed bugs have proven to hide in a wide variety of places, including electrical socket and computers. Bed bugs do have many natural enemies, but these are all insects that are also pests in themselves, such as cockroaches. If you have a bed bug infestation they will likely attract more pests into your home as well. Like mosquito bites, you usually won’t feel it when a bed bug bites. For many people bed bug bites tend to leave nasty, itchy rashes behind; the reaction to a bed bug bite won’t appear until several hours after the bite. Their bites can cause allergenic reactions to a few people, some people experience possible psychological effects like anxiety or insomnia. These tiny bugs can cause a lot of stress and frustration if they are not dealt with soon enough.

There are many indicators and ways to see whether or not you have bed bugs. The first sign may be noticing red rashes on your skin the next morning. If you want to check to see if bed bugs are living within your home, then check the main areas where they typically hide. This includes cracks in walls and wallpaper, in and around your mattress, your bed frame, and other relatively hidden, or other small crevices around your room or home they could possible hide. People with a sensitive sense of smell have described a smell of rotting raspberries associated with bed bugs. For additional tips on identifying if you have bed bugs take a look at this article. You can even have a professional pest control company do an inspection for you. They would know all of the right places to search for these little pests.

The biggest mistake, that has helped the bed bug scourge spread in Phoenix, is not getting a professional’s help. If you live in the Phoenix metro area then it is vital that you and all of your friends and family are aware of this rising bed bug issue. Any one of you could have bed bugs in your home. Contact Green Home Pest Control and we’ll set you up with one of our experts to take care of your bed bug problem.


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