Questions to Ask Your Termite Control Technician

Termites can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They are notorious for causing wood rot and for eating structures from the inside out. If you have a termite problem, the first thing you want to do is call a termite control technician, because eliminating these pests is best left to the experts. When it comes to pest control, you want to make sure that the company you hire is going to get the job done right the first time. termites in arizona
The cost of these services can be quite expensive, but each job varies. Thus, knowing what to expect in terms of pricing and the number of applications that will be required to get rid of the termites is something you will want to ask the technician. Don’t automatically assume the first business you call is going to be the best one for your needs; you will want to assess and evaluate all the options before hiring a termite control contractor to ensure your money is being well spent.

This is not to say that most termite control technicians perform inferior service, but rather that termite control is not uniform. Depending on the scope of the job and the extent of the damage, some contractors may not have the resources on hand to be successful. A thorough analysis of the situation is the only way for a technician to tell you whether they can assist you, but it will be your responsibility to ask the right questions. Here is a list of what you will want to ask each firm you contact. To get the best bang for your buck and to get rid of your termite problem forever, adequate research is a necessity.

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What should you ask your Termite Control Technician?

  • What chemicals do you use and are they safe for my family? Knowing the risks associated with the pesticides that are going to be sprayed is very important, as is being aware of the quantity the contractor intends to use.
  • Where will the chemicals be applied? Having a clear understanding where the pesticides are is essential for keeping your family safe. You don’t want children or pets accidentally wandering into affected areas.
  • Do you offer a warranty? Like most pest control services, termite control is by no means cheap. To avoid getting ripped off and having to hire another contractor due to poor performance, you want to be sure the company you are working with offers a warranty to guarantee their services. The two types you will want to ask about are damage replacement and re-treatment warranties; the former will protect you in the event of accidental property damage that has resulted, while the latter typically states that the contractor will provide additional applications free of charge if they do not fully eliminate the termite problem the first time.
  • How much will it cost? There will likely be many termite control companies in your area, so it never hurts to shop around. Some businesses offer discounted services or run promotions that can end up saving you hundreds.


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