Protect Yourself from Mosquito Bites Naturally

Are you tired of being bitten by mosquitoes? Or are you tired of worrying that you may have picked up some exotic disease, like Zika, because you were bit by a mosquito? Do you want to protect yourself from potential harm without exposure to harsh chemicals? Call Green Home Pest Control today at first site of mosquitos.

Here is a list of known natural approaches that actually work:

Eliminate Standing Water

mosquito stagnant waterMosquitoes breed in pools of stagnant water, thus it is a good practice to do everything you can to eliminate standing water in and around your yard. This will help reduce their opportunity to breed, thereby keeping their numbers down. Fewer mosquitoes mean fewer mosquito bites.

Use Landscaping to Protect Yourself

Installing the right kinds of plants in your yard can help drive off mosquitoes, reducing the odds that you or your family members will get bitten. There are a number of plants known to help protect against mosquitoes. This includes shrubs, such as mint and marigold, trees, such as lemon trees, and citronella grass. One recommended method is to install landscaping that mosquitoes hate around doors and windows to help ensure that they do not get into your home.

Avoid Being Outdoors At Dusk

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk. You can reduce the odds of being bit by trying to avoid being outside at this time.

Citronella Candles

These are readily available at many stores. You can set them around your patio or deck and burn them to help keep mosquitoes away.

Garlic: Garlic may not ward off vampires, but it does help ward off mosquitoes (and other many other bugs). Some people recommend boiling crushed garlic in water to inundate the house with the smell. However, you can just consume garlic daily to help protect yourself from bites. Alternately, you can buy garlic pills and take those. Make sure you do not get the ones that promise they won’t make you smell. You want to smell like garlic. The smell is what will drive off the bugs.

Natural Repellents You Can Safely Wear

Neem oil mixed with coconut oil: You can mix these two oils together in equal parts and apply to all exposed areas of our skin. Not only will the neem oil help ward off mosquitoes, but the coconut oil will also do good things for your skin.

Eucalyptus and lemon oil: The smell of lemon can attract some insects, such as bees, so this is not really recommended for the great outdoors. But a mixture of equal parts lemon oil and eucalyptus oil has been proven in studies to be an effective indoor repellent.

Tea tree oil: Assuming you aren’t allergic to it, you can rub tea tree oil on your exposed skin. It has a proven track record of warding off mosquitoes.

Lavender for natural mosquito controlMint: In addition to adding mint to your landscaping, you can put mint oil on your skin. Like garlic, this remedy is also well suited to consuming orally to make it less likely that you will be bitten. You can conveniently carry mint candies in a pocket, or, if you want to avoid the sugar, you can brew fresh mint tea to help yourself smell great to humans and terrible to mosquitoes.

Lavender: You can add lavender to your favorite skin cream and apply it to your exposed skin. This is probably one of the most friendly natural remedies around. Most people will think you have bought a pricey and pleasant perfume.

Mosquitoes are a vector for a number of serious diseases. Although this is a more serious problem in some parts of the world than it is here, a mosquito bite is still not merely an annoying nuisance. It is a potentially serious health threat, one you should make an effort to protect yourself against by reducing the odds of being bitten in the first place.

Of course, ideally, you do not want to harm your health with harsh chemicals in the process of trying to protect yourself. The above list can help you skew the odds in your favor without exposure to harsh chemicals. Just make sure you aren’t using something to which you are allergic, and this is a fine path forward for keeping mosquitoes at bay, naturally and safely.

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