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Preventive Pest Control for Bed Bugs

travel-suitcase-300x200Bed bugs are troublesome nuisances, but if you practice a few preventative measures, then you may never have to deal with these blood-sucking little parasites. Do it yourself pest control is your first line of defense when pests come calling. We’re talking about smart measures such as the caulking and sealing of suspect baseboard cracks where bed bugs take refuge during the daylight hours. We’re also referring to common sense solutions to make the environment less hospitable for any kind of pest. Clear clutter out of the bedroom, vacuuming the floor and washing bed linen. Use the hottest setting on the washing machine and a long drying cycle to purge the bugs from clothing.

It’s commendable to try home remedies, to carry out your own inspection of walls and bedside drawers, using a flashlight to expose bed bug activity, but the nasty little pests have learned to conceal themselves during the day. Nocturnal feeders of human blood, they’ll leave their cracks and box spring hideouts at night to feed on blood as their victims sleep. The evidence of the intrusion appears next day as a rash or red welt on the skin of the family member, but this isn’t quite enough to prove the problem can be traced back to Cimex lectularius, the bed bug. After all, young kids and folk with sensitive skin conditions can breakout when a new detergent is being used. Rule out thes causes with logical forethought while simultaneously tracking down evidence of infestation. Signs include the aforementioned rashes, dark brown stains on bedding, and tiny skin casings that have been shed by nymphs, the maturing bugs that have grown fat from feasting on blood.

One form of bed bug treatment that can be tried is heat, the flushing out of the pests to prove once and for all that the problem has a physical cause, a bug infestation. But take note, these bugs are spreading across the country, and they can be found in the cleanest homes. Regardless of this fact, pull beds away from suspect walls. Start that new washing and cleaning routine, and make a call to a reputable exterminator. We’re a professional pest control in Phoenix AZ that residents can depend on for a reliable solution that’s following guidelines as set by the EPA. Contact us for professional help with bed bug inspection and extermination.

For more information about bed bugs follow the procedures regarding bed bug management. Detect the bugs, and initiate proactive control practices, the blockade of the bugs and the prudent application of pesticides, but remember, a professional solution is the only sure way to resolve this problem with long-term assurances.


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