Popular Summer Pest Infestations

There are numerous insect and rodent pests in Arizona, that can invade your home at any time of the year. The year-round warm climate in this region leads to pests that are active in any season, but most mice, scorpions, and spiders seek shelter inside a building in the dry summer months. You don’t want to have rats inside your home because these rodents can transmit pathogens such as fleas and viruses. It is possible to have numerous pests inside a building without a homeowner noticing an infestation because cockroaches, ants, and termites might lurk inside attics, basements or wall spaces. That’s when Green Home Pest Control in Phoenix comes in.

Rodents Can Invade a Home Easily 

rat removal phoenix azA homeowner might not notice that mice are living inside their home until they open a closet door where the rodents are nesting, and if this happens, then it is essential to contact an exterminator right away for an emergency inspection of the home. A mouse will travel along the baseboards of a home, leaving urine that contains pheromones. This filthy trail of waste is designed to help other mice find food. Mice are able to fit through the tiny holes around water pipes, and these rodents can scurry across your kitchen countertops to enter the drawers or cabinets. When this happens, your eating utensils, dishes, and food are often contaminated with filth that you can ingest.

How Rats Can Enter Your Home

While most mice will run away when noticed by humans, rats are more aggressive, and with the loss of natural habitat, these rodents are known to bite humans. You have probably heard horror stories about rats crawling into an infant’s crib before biting a baby. Some rats have found unique ways to enter a home, including crawling through sewer lines to enter through a toilet or climbing a downspout to enter a hole in the roof.

What are the Signs of a Pest Infestation? 

If you notice the signs of rodents in a home, then it is vital to contact an exterminator for assistance because mice and rats breed rapidly, leading to a huge population in a short amount of time. When you notice odd sounds in the walls, smell foul odors or see stains on your ceilings, these are the signs of a pest infestation. In addition to rats and mice, other animals can enter your home without your knowledge, including bats, raccoons or skunks that can transmit rabies.

Cricket Invasions can Lead to Having Scorpions

scorpion removal arizonaWhen a loud chirping noise is keeping you awake throughout the night, it is likely crickets inside your home. Having just one cricket inside the wall of a home is annoying, but when there are hundreds, the chirping sounds can make it impossible to sleep. Unfortunately, scorpions will also enter a home to consume the crickets, and a scorpion can bite you, leading to intense pain. If you are allergic to a scorpion’s venom, then a dangerous reaction can occur, including respiratory distress.

Call an Exterminator for Snake Removal 

Because Arizona has a hot climate, there are several types of invasive reptiles that you do not want in your home. A rattlesnake may try to find a cool location inside a garage or cellar of your home, and when you invade its territory, it will bite, injecting venom into your bloodstream. The only way to survive a rattlesnake bite is by having emergency treatment from paramedics.

Avoid Venomous Bites from Brown Recluse Spiders 

There are several brown recluse spider species in Arizona, and this is an arachnid that you do not want inside a home because it has a venomous bite that can lead to symptoms such as muscle pain, fever, and vomiting. In rare cases, young children have died from the effects of a brown recluse spider bite. Researchers believe that store-bought chemicals are ineffective against spiders, and the best way to eradicate arachnids is with professional fumigation methods.

Contact a Professional Extermination Company 

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