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Phoenix Pest Control

Green Home Pest’s Phoenix pest control has the best known reputation when it comes to services provided for residential, commercial, and institutional pest control. Our customers can be assured that we are not only one hundred percent certified but are also completely licensed and insured in all the jobs we do. We provide service and solutions for any of your pest control needs, whether it be treating termites, ants, killer bees, or any other type of bug that is bugging you (pun intended). We are proud to not only have the best reputation in the service and have for years, but are also one of the largest family owned pest control companies in the state of Arizona. We are able to accommodate your schedule by offering monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual services. Let us know which schedule is convenient for you.

Green Home Pest - Phoenix Pest Control TechAs far as residential pest services are concerned, Green Home Pest Control is known to be a leading pest control company. Our solid reputation puts us at the top of the list, and we couldn’t be more proud. Since we’ve started we’ve been the leading pest control company to serve Phoenix homeowners in the metro area. You may find yourself with a problem on your hands when your home becomes a primary breeding ground for pests and other insects commonly found throughout Arizona. We handle any pest elimination need whether it’s scorpions, bees, birds, or bed bugs, which have become a serious problem for households. These pests want to share your home with you and make it their own. They prefer to live in areas of your home such as attics, chimneys, subfloors, and other dark corners of your home, even sometimes living within your walls. Pest problems can escalate quickly, damaging your property and exposing your family to health risks.

Our technicians at Green Home Pest’s Phoenix pest control services are the most skilled and experienced at solving your issue, and use various EcoSmart techniques guaranteed to solve and control the pest issue affecting your home. We at Green Home Pest Control pride ourselves on always providing prompt service scheduled at your convenience, emergency pest services, thorough pest inspections with accurate information, competitive prices on all services offered, and providing you with the most skilled, experienced professionals to help solve your problem.

Our Phoenix pest control services offer FREE termite inspections and phone quotes, with same day service. By logging on to our website, you can also print out a coupon for $25 off of your first initial service with satisfaction guaranteed. Call us today for information on receiving immediate service to eliminate all of your pests. You have nothing to lose except for the pests! We can’t wait to exceed your expectations!


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Request a free online quote and receive
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Request a free online quote and receive $50 off your initial service while the trucks are in your area.


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