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Phoenix Pest Control Tips: Keeping Flies Away

Flies are a torment, even in the mild Phoenix winters. They not only want to feast at your table, they buzz about you until you could go mad. While there are many bug sprays you can choose from, many of them contain toxins that you don’t want to be breathing in. Luckily, there are plenty of natural ways to banish flies.

If you have dish soap, you have a way to get rid of flies. Simply get a dish and mix in one inch of water to one inch of dish soap. The flies are attracted to the soap and drown in the water. Flies like fruit smell, so a fruit flavored soap is a good ideal. If the flies still don’t come, add a drop or two of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar attracts flies.

Phoenix Pest ControlWater and cayenne is a great way to make your own fly spray. Mix together water and cayenne pepper in a spray bottle. Squirt your spray around doorways, windows, and any other place you would use poisonous fly spray.

Nothing can be more Eco-friendly than plants and there are several plants which also repels flies. Lavender, basil, and mints are great herbs that keep flies away. You can make sachets to hang around the house, potpourri to set around on tables, or plant them. Plant the herbs around you yard, in flower boxes at windows, or in pots inside your home. Marigolds also work pretty effectively at repelling flies. This way, you can have flowers and herbs everywhere to sweeten the air and drive flies away.

A good way to trick flies is by hanging clear bags filled with water. The bags reflect light just like a spider web, which the flies know to avoid. Old CDs also reflect light in a similar way. By hanging them you’ll be recycling the CD’s and repelling flies.

Flies also avoid the smell of pine. To keep flies away, put a few drops of pine oil on a cheesecloth and wipe down the door and window sills. The flies will not fly past the smell.

These are a few methods to keep flies away without filling your house with toxins. You can keep away those pests and keep an unpolluted house as well. For additional tips for natural pest repellents and DIY pest prevention check out these previous posts from Green Home Pest Control:

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