Types of Bird Pests in Arizona

We all want to control the insects around our homes. Today we want to use less chemical remedies and find natural ways to combat insects. The good news is that nature has already provided excellent pest control assistant. Let me introduce you to some birds that help eat insects, bugs and creature and call Arizona home.

two pigeons infect hand railing in arizonaThere is the common nighthawk, which isn’t a real hawk. These birds eat mosquitoes, moths, and grasshoppers. They’re active around twilight periods of the day. These birds like to hangout at areas where mosquitoes breed or where light attracts night-time flying insects, which makes them very helpful for Phoenix pest control. Unfortunately these birds are declining in numbers. A good way to help the common nighthawk is by providing high flat covered areas for them to nest and of course avoid using pesticides on flying insects that will affect the bird if it eats them.

The Verdin is a tiny active songbird that eats insects, spiders and even nectar and can be found in your common flower garden. Like the common nighthawk, Verdin populations are also in decline. These birds prefer large shrubs to cool off and rest in during the summer.

Then you have the Loggerhead Shrike. This songbird has the habits of a bird of prey; it mostly eats insects in the spring, but during winter eats lizards, snakes, frogs, voles, mice and shrews to name a few. The Loggerhead Shrike sits on top of utility poles and fence posts. Provide a perch from trees and dense brushes from which he can scour the area and you’ll find he’s better at pest control than a cat.

The Cactus Wren even though its home is in the desert it can also be seen in backyards. It is one of the biggest wrens in North America and is the state bird of Arizona. They form life long pair bonds. Their chosen food is insects, spiders, sometimes reptiles, amphibians, and fruit. These birds are very territorial and can be aggressive towards other birds, even destroying their nest and eggs. If you have a cactus that they’ve made a nest it’s good to help make your yard hospitable for them to hunt around your home, but you might do better attracting other birds first.

Even though there is a host of prey for these birds in the Phoenix, Arizona area most of them are on the decline. Providing habitats that are safe from predators, like cats and hawks, will help encourage their population and help with pest control around Phoenix.

Ironwoods, Arizona Ash, Velvet and Honey Mesquite make excellent native trees that are great for birds and will look beautiful in your yard. Catclaw is a shrub that provides excellent protection for birds and they’ll often eat the seeds. Prickly pears and Agaves also are good for escape cover for birds who are trying to hide from predators.

Pest control and bug extermination can be a hassle, but not if you have the right help from these birds. You’ll find that you have less bugs in your yard and more beautiful atmosphere as well.

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