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Termites. A homeowner’s nemesis.

Every homeowner is obligated with tending to the many responsibilities of home maintenance when it comes to their property. After all, a home is considered one of the most valuable assets an individual or family can own. It is always in their best interest to regularly check up on the conditions of their property.

An easy way to lose value in your property is by having a negligent attitude towards conducting inspections, repairs, and replacements. One of the most detrimental causes of a reduction in the value of many of today’s homes is an unfortunate scenario of pest infestation. There are many pests that homeowners need to worry about in Phoenix and termites are one of the major culprits. A pest infestation within your home is not only detrimental to the home’s value, but also towards your family’s health and well being. How can you be sure that your loved ones won’t be bothered by pests in their sleep? How can they be sure of their food and clothing not being touched by the pests that linger within your household? Although this may seem a bit extreme, it happens quite frequently in many households. The problem with such occurrences is that not only are people not aware of such things happening, but they’re also not taking any action when they do become aware of an infestation.

termites eating wood

One of the worst case scenarios of pest infestation in households is a termite problem. Termites may not necessarily bite you in your sleep, but they won’t hesitate to gnaw away at the pillars and infrastructures that keep the roof up over you head. Termites can definitely be considered a “silent killer”, as they won’t make their presence too obvious in many cases. However, they can cause more damage than a homeowner is able to handle.

Often, people become aware of a a termite problem after it’s too late. By the time the termites are finished feasting on your home’s infrastructure, your home may need a complete renovation to ensure that it doesn’t end up collapsing on your heads. As Phoenix termite removal specialists, we can inspect every area of your home to ensure that such pests are not taking over. There are some signs to look out for when you suspect that you have termites. If there is constant creaking noises coming from areas where there usually should not, it is very possible termites are biting away pieces of the home causing an imbalance between support structures. Also, if you notice that there are cracks and pieces falling from ceilings or walls, then it’s possible that you may have termites.

With Green Home Pest, you’ll find that we employ the best Phoenix pest control technicians can quickly diagnose the condition of your home and exterminate the termites along with any other inhabiting pests. Then, we can make recommendations on how to recuperate on the parts of the home that may have become damaged. By acquiring our service and guidance, you can be assured of having a safe and healthy environment to live in again.


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