How Phoenix Heatwaves Are Perfect For Termites

termite infestation in Phoenix ArizonaAs the temperatures start to rise, termite activity also begins to increase. It is necessary to call a company for termite treatment Phoenix Az and ask about their services, once the heatwave arrives. Many termite infestations are only discovered once a lot of damage has been done, and most homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover repairs associated with termite damage. Termites can cause more than $5 million in property damage nationwide and cause a lot of headaches. The most common termite in the Phoenix area is the desert subterranean termite and can exist in colonies containing millions of insects. They feed on the wood in a home and can cause extensive damage. The average home is fives time more likely to be damaged by termites than a fire, but the damage is preventable.

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Where Do Termites Live?

Termites can live in moist areas and can invade homes through the wood that is touching the soil. They travel into homes through foundation cracks, plumbing, or expansion joints. They survive by eating the cellulose found in the wood of a home, destroying it while they feed. Termites are extremely common in Phoenix and can be found in the majority of homes.

Preventing Termites

Most homes are built with termite protection in mind. Most counties in the area require the soil around a foundation to be pre-treated to prevent termites from infesting a home. Unfortunately, pre-treatment becomes far less effective after three to five years, opening a home to a possible infestation. Borate can be used to coat the wood in a home to prevent termites from infesting the wood. Keeping a close eye out for infestations and maintaining the exterior of a home, such as inspecting a property for rotting wood and replacing rotted roof shingles can go a long way towards avoiding an infestation. Termites love moisture, so making sure that there aren’t any wet areas caused by gutters, downspouts, or other water-carrying devices can help.

Having your home regularly inspected for termites by a licensed professional can help you catch a problem early on. Green Home Pest Control offers free inspections, and our technicians are highly experienced with finding termites in a property.

Removing an Infestation

termites in arizonaUnfortunately, once termites have invaded a home, professional services are needed to remove them. There are many treatment options available to remove termites from a property. They fall under two main categories, termite baits, and liquid termite treatment. Fumigation, electrocution, and liquid nitrogen can also remove termites, as can heating and microwave treatments.

The most common treatment type is liquid treatment. Green Home Pest control will drill underneath the foundation of a home and will inject Termidor, one of the most effective non-repellants. Termites will track this non-repellant back into their nests, transferring it to other termites and killing them.

Re-establishing a protective barrier around a home can also prevent future infestations. It is highly recommended that once the original barrier breaks down, that a new one is put in to prevent termites from ever entering a home.

The Green Home Pest Control Guarantee 

Dealing with termites can be stressful, so we’ll take care of the details of treatment from start to finish. Each of our technicians is highly experienced and undergoes professional training so that they can stand behind their results with Green Home’s Full Protection Guarantee. We’re dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers and will make sure that they have peace of mind about the safety of their home. We believe that being proactive about termite control and eradication can save people a lot of money in the long term.

Termite Treatment Areas

We provide termite treatment in the greater Phoenix Metro-Area and the following cities.

• Scottsdale
• Chandler

Our treatment techniques are effective and safe, and we’ll help you protect your home. We’re able to identify an area where termites are, and we’ll review any of your treatment options. We’re knowledgeable about the Phoenix environment and able to work with all local termite types.


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