Phoenix Bed Bugs

When you wake up in the morning do you find yourself rubbing or scratching your skin? Does it feel like you have been bitten by something, but no matter how hard you look you can’t see any bite marks? If you have experienced this you may be among the many people who have an infestation of bed bugs.

Determining if you have bed bugs isn’t as easy as it may seem.

There are times when even a licensed doctor can’t figure out what insect has bitten a person after examination. A doctor can speculate and advise a person as to what kind of bite they have, but accurately pinpointing what kind of bug was responsible can’t be judged just by the symptoms associated with the bite.

There are a few tell-tell signs that can help you determine if you have bed bugs:

phoenix bed bugs1. Turn the lights in each room on to get the highest amount of visibility possible, then look at the upholstered furniture and mattresses in your home. These bugs leave their droppings behind in the places they inhabit — it looks like tiny black spots concentrated in one area. When searching mattresses, carefully examine the borders of the mattress, inside the seams. If you don’t see bugs on the mattress, continue on to the box-spring. Be sure to look under the plastic corners of the box spring, also flip the box spring over to examine the underside. Remember though, just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean that they’re not there. Sometimes even a visual inspection isn’t enough to detect them however, a qualified Phoenix bed bugs expert can do bona fide testing.

2. For interception of bed bugs, purchasing passive interception devices and monitors like traps, for mattress and box-springs can help. These devices don’t cost a lot and have been effective in some cases. They can be purchased at hardware and certain grocery stores and should be placed near the legs of sofas and beds where you think the bugs may be. The bugs will likely rotate between furniture and the devices for anywhere up to two to four weeks. You can monitor the traps regularly to see if you can spot any bed bugs. Hiring a trained professional for Phoenix bed bugs inspection is more efficient.

3. Although mattress and box-spring encasements are more costly, they are a bit more effective than bug traps. Encasements will protect the bed and ultimately will help you with identifying if you have bed bugs, this is especially helpful for determining if you need to contact an exterminator in case of an infestation.

If you think you have bed bugs, a Phoenix bed bugs pest control professional can come out and conduct an inspection. Using experience and knowledge that’s based on years of researched data on bed bug treatment. Green Home Pest Control has a wealth of knowledge about pests, how to detect them, and how to eliminate them. Contact us for a Phoenix bed bugs inspection today.

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