How To Deal With Earwigs In Arizona

Dealing with a pest can be an overwhelming endeavor for some people. Few people maintain their confidence when the pests keep coming back despite their best efforts to eliminate them. Pest control anxiety is understandable when you don’t have idea about what you are dealing with, this often seems to be the case when people find an abundance of the misunderstood earwig.

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All About Earwigs Infestation

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Earwigs move fast and run quickly to protect themselves from intrusions. Most of them may not be native of North America but may have been introduced from tropical regions. They are slender and quick enough to defend themselves when pots and structures they use as hiding places are moved. Some species of earwigs produce foul smelling liquid for self defense. Their ability to produce pheromone is the reason why they are found in clusters most of the time.

Earwigs are mostly active at night and prefer hiding under twigs, cracks and dampened soil during the day. The truth about earwigs is that, unlike bed bugs or scorpions, they are harmless. If threatened they might pinch a person with their pincers, but it does no real bodily harm to people. There is no factual evidence supporting the myth that they burrow in people’s ears. There is legitimate debate about whether or not they are harmful to gardens and plants. They feed on both plants and insects, sometimes burrowing deep within the soil for food, which makes it difficult to assess whether or not they are helping your garden. Their eggs are laid in their borrows and female earwigs will stay there until the nymphs grow big enough to feed on their own.

What Earwigs Do To Your Yard And Home

An aesthetically pleasing yard makes you feel good and part of feeling good can be contributed to the absence of pest. They leave cupcake shaped bites on plants, which can be discouraging to the diligent gardener. Typically people become concerned when they find them in their home. They are attracted to dark and moist areas, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. Once they begin to breed there’s a good chance you’ll see them roaming throughout the house and, though they are harmless, are unwelcome sight.

Controlling Earwigs

Keeping earwigs our of your home just takes some basic home maintenance. It’s important to take care of leaks and keep your home dry, not just to keep out pests, but also to avoid growing mold in your home. Keeping your home free of other pests means you won’t attract predatory insects like earwigs. Sometimes, despite your best efforts you’ll find a bug infestation to be persistent. If you suspect an earwig infestation that is a pretty good indicator that there are other bugs infesting your home.

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We here at Green Home Pest Control, a professional Phoenix pest control company, will be able to clear your home of an earwig infestation and take care of any other bugs extermination. We’ll eliminate their hiding places and prevent pest survival. We’ll use environmentally friendly EcoSmart pest control technology that won’t expose you and your family to toxic chemicals. While we take care of your pest problem we’ll educate you about our strategy and make sure that you have all the information you need. We’re the best rated pest company in the Phoenix metro area, so if you need help with a bug infestation contact us.


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