Pest Identification Chart


Pharaoh Ant

pharaofA pharaoh ant is very small and usually measures about one sixteenth of an inch. They tend to live in humid areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. These ants can range in color from reddish brown to a dull yellow.

Pavement Ant

pavementPavement ants are the same size as pharaoh ants (about 1/16th inch). They are actually very similar to pharaoh ants as they also prefer humid areas making them easy to find in the kitchen or bathroom. They can also have a color anywhere from a dull yellow to a reddish brown.

Carpenter Ant

carpenterThese ants are bigger than the two previous types usually measuring between an eighth of an inch and half an inch. They are black and they get their name from their most frequent activity. They shave out small pieces of wood to make tunnels by using their jaws. Because of this, they are usually found in structural wood, lumber, firewood, fallen trees or stumps.


Oriental Cockroach

orientalThese are about an inch long and can be black to dark brown in color. They are able to survive in cooler conditions and their favorite places to live include under landscape mulch, sidewalks or stoops, in water maters or between the soil and buildings.

American Cockroach

americancThese are very similar to oriental cockroaches in terms of color, size and favorite places to occupy.

German Cockroach

germancThese are the most common types of cockroaches found in the home and are yellowish-brown with a dark strip on their head going from the front to back. They are usually between half an inch and ¾ of one. They tend to live in locations with food and water like the bathroom or kitchen.


Black Widow

blackwidowThese are around half an inch and have a shiny, black, large abdomen with 2 small red marks on the abdomen. Although they are not aggressive, they may bite if they are disturbed. Bites aren’t life threatening, but you should still seek medical care.

Brown Recluse

brownThese are about half an inch with a light brown body and a dark mark in the shape of a violin on their front. Their legs are longer compared to their bodies. They will only bite when they feel threatened but it can lead to an open sore.

Other Invaders


silverfishThey are silver – These are between ½ and ¾ of an inch and silver-white in color. They are nocturnal and eat bookbinding and wallpaper (specifically the starch, glue and paper).



earwigThese are about half an inch and black to brown with pincers on the end. They are nocturnal scavengers.


House Mouse

housemouseThese have larger ears and are light brown to dusky gray. They can fit through areas that are only ¼ of an inch and can damage items by gnawing as well as causing health hazards.

Norway Rat

norwayThese rats are between 7 and 10 inches long but can fit through holes about a quarter in size. They are brown to gray with small ears and will eat anything, especially high protein foods. They can damage buildings and contaminate food.

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