Pest of the Day: Cockroaches

Cockroaches and other pests can turn your home into an unsightly and unhealthy place. Thankfully there are techniques that you can do in order to prevent these pests from entering into your home.

Mind the cracks: Seal possible entry points.

Doors not only create a barrier between you and the people outside, they can also become your first line of defense for keeping cockroaches and other pests out of your home. In order to use your door as a bug barrier, you must make sure that it is properly sealed. Any cracks, gaps, or openings can become an entry way for unwanted pests. If you see that your door has a gap between it and the threshold then simply add a door sweep. A door sweep is easy to install and is helpful with keeping unwanted pests out. Cracks that exist in other areas can be sealed with the help of weathers strips.

Your windows also provide a potential entrance for unwanted bugs. In order to protect your home from pests, seal your windows. Caulk is great for filling the cracks and openings of your windows. If you decide to open your windows to let fresh air in, make sure that you have a screen attached. A screen lets fresh air flow in and keeps insects out.

No free meals: Keep your home clean.

An important part of keeping your home cockroach free is making sure your food and water is unreachable. This means putting your food in sealable containers, not leaving food out, and immediately cleaning up spills. Cockroaches are attracted to spilled juices and crumbs. Remove these free bug-sized meals and keeps all your food protected.

Trashcans can also become a buffet for cockroaches and other pests. In order to prevent these insects from enjoying a gourmet meal, make sure to empty your garbage nightly. Also, a trashcan with a lid can keep cockroaches out of your trash.

Cockroaches, like many other bugs, enjoy clutter as a useful hiding place. Your clutter can become a breeding ground for bugs. By keeping your home organized and clutter free you can eliminate the hiding placing and areas for these unwanted pests to multiply.

No vacancies here: Make your outdoor area uninviting.

eco friendly pest control alternatives
Outside maintenance is a great way to help prevent insects from intruding in your home. Many insects, like cockroaches, need moisture to live and breed. Try keeping any water features away from your home and keep them clean. Drain any areas that have stagnant water, as they are prime breeding grounds for bugs.

Use organic insecticides to make barriers around your home. It’s important to use organic and safe insecticides to protect your children and pets from being exposed to toxic chemicals.

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