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While one or two spiders in your home may not be much of an abnormality, when they spread, they can quickly become a problem — especially if a spider of the poisonous variety has invaded your home.

When it’s time for pest control for spiders in the home, call Green Home Pest Control. We are a top-of-the-line spider pest control service in Phoenix, AZ, that uses state-of-the-art methods and techniques to rid your home of spiders. Spiders can have painful or poisonous bites, spin webs in various parts of your home and generally create problems. We can fix it, so spiders don’t bother you again.

What Types of Spiders Can You Find in Phoenix, Arizona?

There are nearly countless species of spiders, many of which find their way into Arizona homes. For treatment, it’s critical that our team knows which kinds of spiders you’re dealing with. Fortunately, our experts are highly knowledgeable and know what to look for. Just a few of the types of spiders you may encounter can include:

  • American House Spider: The American House Spider is an easily recognizable comb-footed spider. While they do eat other unwanted insects, they also leave creepy, messy and unwanted cobwebs everywhere.
  • Arabesque Orbweaver: The Arabesque is so named for its ornate, swirling design. While some might find this design attractive, most would prefer this spider to take its design outside the home. These small, decorative spiders spin circular webs, often on handrails or between bushes.
  • Banded Garden Spider: The Banded Garden Spider is easily recognizable for its bright white bands around the belly. While, as the name would imply, they mostly habituate in gardens, they are venomous. If you have an infestation, you may want to call in the experts to take care of them.
  • Black Widow: Most people know of the infamous Black Widow, a small black spider with a red hourglass shape on its belly that signals danger. While Black Widows are not looking to bite humans, their bite can be fatal to us. If you suspect Black Widows in your home, get in touch with us to ask about spider fumigation. Phoenix homes are not often infested with Black Widows, but it is possible.
  • Brown Recluse: The Brown Recuse is another spider that has venom and can be very dangerous to humans. This spider is recognizable by its brown or gray abdomen and a violin-shaped birthmark around the head area, which is why this spider is also called a Violin Spider.
  • Woodland Jumping Spider: If you have Woodland Jumping Spiders in your home, you will find out how they got their name very quickly. These spiders, which feature glossy, black bodies with a white dot in the center, can jump extremely far to pounce on prey.

Green Home Pest Control Is Your Professional Spider Exterminator in Phoenix, AZ, and Surrounding Areas

When you have spiders, especially poisonous spiders, it’s time to call Green Home Pest Control. We have a reliable system for spider inspection in Phoenix, AZ, homes and can find where your spiders are hiding and remove them.

Why Is Green Home Pest Control the Best Pest Control for Spiders in Phoenix?

black and orange spider in burrow

Many companies can kill spiders in Phoenix, but other spider treatment pest control companies don’t necessarily share our philosophy of smart products and smarter people. We use environmentally-friendlier botanical and organically derived pest control products, and we hire highly trained professionals who have been carefully background-checked and tested to administer those products.

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    Scott O., Scottsdale, AZ
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    Jim M., Phoenix, AZ
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