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While there are many great benefits to living in Phoenix, Arizona, one of the dangers we all have to contend with is scorpions. Scorpions have a painful and sometimes dangerous sting, and while they’re easier to avoid outside, you don’t want them inside your home where you, your spouse or your children could accidentally tread on them or otherwise cause them to attack. You need a home seal for scorpions so that you and your family are safe.

One of the top-rated pest control companies in Phoenix for pests like spiders, crickets, ants and termites is also the company to call when you need scorpion sealing services in Phoenix. Green Home Pest Control has what it takes to seal out scorpions in Phoenix homes and keep you safe.

The Threat of Scorpions in Phoenix

In many urban areas, the common pests are merely a nuisance, or their greatest threat is spreading disease. Phoenix, like other parts of Arizona, is a bit different in that it’s home to the scorpion, an animal that carries a barbed tail that it can use to deliver a dangerous venom to its prey or a threatening animal in an instant. While more than 40 species live in the state, three types of scorpions are commonly found in Arizona.

1. Giant Hairy Scorpion

The scariest looking and sounding one is probably the least dangerous. The terrifyingly named Giant Hairy Scorpion gets to be up to six inches long with a large and painful-looking tail. As unpleasant as this scorpion looks, its sting usually causes only mild pain in humans.

2. Stripe-Tailed Scorpion

Another scorpion you may encounter is the Stripe-Tailed Scorpion, which is only about two inches long and usually hides during the day and comes out at night to search for food.

3. Bark Scorpion

The scorpion you really need to watch out for is the Bark Scorpion. This is a lean and mean scorpion that can scale walls and often ends up with human victims who pick up garden items they’re resting underneath. They sting multiple times with one attack.

While all scorpions contain a neurotoxin venom in their tails, Bark Scorpions’ is among the most dangerous. Those other scorpions have a sting that resembles a bee sting with respect to pain and the effect on the nervous system, but the Bark Scorpion gives a sting that’s extremely painful and long-lasting. It can be dangerous to children, the elderly and those who are particularly susceptible.

Deaths are rare, but frightening symptoms like numbness, convulsions, difficulty breathing and vomiting can occur. In other words, this scorpion is very important to avoid.

To make matters worse, Bark Scorpions are attracted to moist spaces, so they’re the most likely to be lurking in your bathroom, basement or other areas where moisture collects.

How Can Green Home Pest Control Protect You From Scorpions With Scorpion Sealing?

Scorpion sealing is a process by which we can seal your home to keep scorpions from getting in. Think of it as weather sealing your home, but instead of keeping out hot air to make your air conditioning more effective, you’re keeping out scorpions to make your home safer.

We at Green Home Pest Control are experts in finding out where scorpions enter your home and blocking those entry areas. We believe that the best way to protect your home from pests is to prevent them from getting in rather than trying to exterminate them once they’re inside. By focusing on sealing your home, we can make sure that fewer unwanted chemicals get in your home and less disruption occurs in your life — while making it very difficult for pests to bother you.

When you hire us for scorpion sealing, our experts will come to your home with sealant products that are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We’ll locate and seal all the likely entry points for scorpions, including all the cracks, holes and gaps from the outside of your home where scorpions are likely to come through.

We’ll also seal your door using methods similar to weather stripping, which can block the entry of scorpions and other pests and even make your home more energy-efficient at the same time. In addition, we’ll seal areas of your garage that are vulnerable to scorpion invasion. Our team operates with total transparency, and we’ll be happy to walk you through every part of our process so that you know exactly how we’re preventing scorpions from entering for your peace of mind.

While sealing exterior locations like garages and attics, we’ll also be mindful of the need to protect your ventilation. This factor is one of the reasons it’s so crucial to hire trained professionals to scorpion seal your Phoenix home rather than trying it yourself. In addition to the fact that you may miss critical areas, you run the risk of blocking your ventilation, which can be dangerous. Fortunately, we have well-researched techniques that will allow us to block scorpion entry while still making sure you get adequate ventilation throughout your home.

Contact Green Home Pest Control Today for Safe, Effective Scorpion Sealing in Phoenix

Green Home Pest Control is the obvious choice for your home scorpion seal in Phoenix. We offer first-class service, highly professional technicians with up-to-date training and the finest techniques in scorpion sealing.

We’ll find the scorpions currently in your home using EPA-approved products that employ microencapsulated technology and are proven effective against scorpions. We can give you tips to help scorpion-proof your home by getting rid of their common hiding places, reducing excess moisture that may attract them and keeping up with your landscaping. And of course, we can seal your home so that new scorpions cannot get in to plague your family.

Don’t let your family be at risk a moment longer. Call Green Home Pest Control at 480-525-7378 or contact us online for a free quote on scorpion sealing services in Phoenix right now! We look forward to ensuring a safe, comfortable home for you, your family members and your visitors.

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