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Bed bugs are an increasingly common household pest across Arizona. In Phoenix, virtually every type of living space is susceptible to infestation, including homes, apartments, dorm rooms, and more. Bed bugs spread quickly, as they are easily concealed within furniture, boxes, or piles of clothing.

By the time you notice bed bugs, they’ve likely spread further than you realize. Despite their name, bed bugs can also be found in baseboards, picture frames, behind electrical outlets, and throughout your home.

At-home treatments grow less effective each day bed bugs are allowed to breed, grow, and spread. If you see signs of bed bugs, call a professional bed bug exterminator at Green Home Termite & Pest Control. We offer a complete and effective bed bug treatment that is guaranteed to work.

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Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs prefer temperatures between 65° and 85° degrees, which means Phoenix provides the perfect climate for bed bugs to thrive. Although many people would assume to inspect the area around the bed for bed bugs, such as in the blankets, sheets, and mattress, they actually hide in other lesser-known areas. Some of these areas include:

Bags and purses

These provide the perfect hiding place for bed bugs to jump in and spread. Avoid leaving bags and purses on the floor next to the bed and other furniture.

Stuffed animals

Bed bugs love to hide in the fur of stuffed animals. You can rid stuffed animals of bed bugs by washing and drying them on a hot cycle.

Fluorescent light bulbs

Although this might not seem like a bright idea, electrical areas are great hiding places for bed bugs. Change light bulbs frequently to check for a bed bug infestation.

School buses

Kids aren’t the only ones who love riding the bus to school. Bed bugs can often be found hiding in between the seat cushions on school buses. Similar to purses and bags, school backpacks are a great hiding place that bed bugs love to call home. Be sure to vacuum and wash out school backpacks regularly to kill and prevent bed bug infestations.


Bed bugs can reach great heights, including airplanes. Bed bugs can be found hiding in seats, carpets, and vents on airplanes. Be sure to vacuum suitcases after a trip.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

bed bug removal graphIf you’re one of the millions of people sharing a bed with bed bugs, you may begin to notice small signs. The most common signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • Inexplicable stains: Bed bugs feed on blood. Therefore, if they get crushed on your mattress, they will leave a dark, reddish stain. Bed bugs will also leave trails of excrement throughout your home, resulting in small, rust-colored stains the size of a pencil tip.
  • Noticeable bites: Bed bugs tend to bite exposed surfaces, such as arms, legs, and shoulders. Bed bug bites are often small, flat red welts that typically appear in clusters, lines, or zigzag patterns. They itch and are often mistaken for mosquito bites.
  • Living Bedbugs: Adult bed bugs are large enough to spot with the naked eye. Bed bugs have the same shape and color of apple seeds. Although they typically emerge to feed at night, it’s possible to see them during the day. If you see a bed bug or a molted bed bug skin, call a bed bug exterminator right away.

How to Kill Bed Bugs

If you have signs of bed bugs, the next step is to get rid of them. Here are some things you can do to kill bed bugs:

Clean and reduce clutter 

Remove any personal items, such as boxes, bins, or other storage items that are just sitting around and creating clutter in a room. Scrub any visible surfaces. 

Vacuum thoroughly

Vacuum all open floor spaces and cracks and crevices along the walls and baseboards. Avoid using a bristle attachment while vacuuming as bed bugs can get stuck in them and then be transported to other areas of your home. Be sure to also completely empty out the vacuum canister and filter after you are finished.  

Wash clothing, garments, and linens in hot water

It is best to put any loose items, such as clothing, blankets, and linens in a separate, plastic bag. Then, wash any garments in hot water—a minimum of 120 degrees.

Dismantle or remove furniture

By removing furniture, pulling furniture items away from the walls, and dismantling bed frames, you can usually find bed bug hiding places and thoroughly clean those areas.

Be sure to also investigate any tears in the fabric or openings in the box spring or bed frame. It’s also a good idea to purchase a mattress encasement to prevent future bed bug infestations.

Caulk and seal

Caulk and seal all holes and cracks in walls and baseboards to prevent future bed bug families from moving in.

Although there are a number of DIY in-home pesticide treatments that you can find and purchase at any department or hardware store, these are often ineffective, especially for severe bed bug infestations. Many professional bed bug exterminators will use bed bug heat treatment or other special products that are guaranteed to work.

Bed Bug Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

At Green Home Pest Control, we don’t believe in replacing one health concern with another. Our bed bug treatments are environmentally friendly for the smallest impact on the planet, your family, and your pets. In Phoenix and the surrounding area, we offer two types of bed bug treatments:

Bed Bug Heat Treatment: 

Professional heat treatments raise the temperature of your entire room above 90 degrees for at least 90 minutes, which is typically above the temperature that most bed bugs can survive. This is a tried and true way to eliminate the entire bed bug population in your home.

Traditional Treatment:

We can also use products to treat your furniture and your entire home that are highly effective, but that are also formulated for the least impact on your home, pets, and family.

Preventative Treatment:

In addition to offering various bed bug treatment services and options, we also believe in preventative care. Bed bugs thrive under the right mattress conditions. Therefore, we sell specialty mattresses at discounted rates for preventing future bed bug infestations.

Professional Bed Bug Treatment in Phoenix

For professional bed bug removal from local Phoenix experts, call (480) 525-7378 or schedule treatment today. Experience the Green Home difference for yourself. In addition to providing you with effective bed bug treatment, we will also schedule follow-up visits to ensure your treatment is effective. If necessary, we will repeat treatments for free until the problem is solved completely.

Bed Bug Treatment FAQs

Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers, able to find a “ride” into even the most well-kept homes and cleanest buildings. They can enter via the things we carry, such as purses, backpacks, and luggage, or things we move into our homes, such as used furnishings, clothes, or other items with fabric or soft materials. You won’t suddenly just have bed bugs—they will always have made their way inside on something you brought in.
Vigilance is the key to staying free of these biting pests, and the key is to pay closer attention to what you carry into your house. Take the time to do a thorough inspection of these items in particular:
  • Any used items made of or containing fabric, including second-hand furniture (especially mattresses), pet bedding, pillows, rugs, linens, and apparel.
  • Suitcases, which should be inspected outdoors if possible. Prior to storing luggage, give it a thorough going-over with a vacuum. 
If you travel, there are several extra steps you should take during and after your trip, including:
  • Closely inspect your hotel room’s mattress and box springs for spots that look like bits of pepper.
  • Also inspect any upholstered chairs and sofas, and check the inside of drawers.
  • Store your luggage in plastic garbage bags while it’s in the hotel.
  • Keep luggage off of upholstered surfaces. It’s better to keep it on a tile floor or even in the shower.
  • Notify management if you see signs of bed bugs and ask to be moved to a room that is not adjacent to the one you’re in.
It’s important to remember that it is possible to get bed bugs even if you haven’t recently traveled. So, vigilance and thorough inspections are essential to prevent an infestation.
There’s a long list of places where bed bugs like to make their homes. According to the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s web page on bed bugs, hiding places include:
  • Walls—In or behind items hung on the walls, in cracks in plaster, in mounted lighting fixtures, and even behind loose wallcoverings.
  • Flooring—Under baseboards and carpets, and in cracks.
  • Beds—In the seams and folds in mattresses, in box springs, in bed linens and covers, in bed frame seams, and behind headboards.
  • Furniture—Under cushions, in cushion covers, inside upholstery, under furniture legs, and in the seams of furniture.
  • Spaces inside walls—Behind light switches, electrical outlets, phone and cable jacks, service panels, and more.
  • Clothing—In drawers, hampers, closets and laundry areas.
Bed bugs can also be in any other spot that provides an undisturbed, dark hiding place, such as computers, TVs and stereos, and inside or beneath phones, lamps, clocks, and radios. Note that bed bugs are much more active at night, which is when they come out to seek sources of blood to feed upon. Use a flashlight after dark to check near the hiding places listed above.
Red, itchy bites are certainly one important clue, but other pests can cause those as well. More reliable indicators of a bed bug problem are seeing the bugs themselves. Look for adults that are reddish-brown, with no wings and approximately the size of an apple seed. You can also see immature bed bugs with the naked eye; they will look like the adults, but be smaller and more of a whitish-yellow color. You probably won’t be able to spot newly hatched nymphs or eggs, however. Bed bugs also leave their molted skins behind as they grow through their life stages. These skins will look like the bugs themselves, but be empty. A sizeable pile of skins is often evidence of a significant infestation. Lastly, like most pests, bed bugs will leave fecal material in their wake. You’re most likely to find this along mattress seams and the top of baseboards, at electrical outlets, curtain seams, and other spots that provide narrow hiding places. Because bed bugs go through so many life stages, it’s difficult for any DIY methods to eradicate every individual. This is one reason it’s so important to have professional pest control providers conduct an inspection and develop a customized plan for your needs.
Not necessarily, but without a thorough inspection of your home, you won’t know for certain. Taking into consideration that a bed bug can lay up to a dozen eggs in just one day, it’s important to quickly take action if you’ve seen even one of these biting insects. At Green Home Pest Control, our trained technicians know where bed bugs hide and how to identify them at every stage of their lifecycle. Call us at the first sign of bed bugs for a free quote on our expert bed bug treatments.
Our bed bug treatment options include traditional treatments using specialized products and heat treatments that eliminate the entire bed bug population. Heat treatment benefits are unique in that they exterminate adult and immature bed bugs, as well as eggs, none of which can survive when exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time.    Whichever method is right for solving your bed bug problem, you can rest assured that our treatments are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, with minimized effects on you, your family and your pets.   We also offer an important preventative measure: Specialty mattresses at discounted prices that can help prevent future infestations.
We do, and we guarantee that our bed bug control services will work. Our bed bug treatment service includes scheduled return visits to make sure your problem is solved. If needed, we will be happy to repeat bed bug treatments at no cost to you to get rid of these pests for good. Whether your home is in Scottsdale, Tempe, Surprise, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Chandler, or elsewhere in the Phoenix Metro region, we can take care of your bed bug problem. Please give us a call at (480)525-7378 to confirm that you are in our service area and to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.


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