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Rodents cause damage and spread germs. Besides that, when they invade your home, these little critters are a creepy and unwelcome pest. If a business has rodents then they could be hurt for violating local health and safety codes. Green Home Pest Control offers professional rodent pest control Gilbert AZ and the rest of the Phoenix metro area. Tackling a rodent eradication takes experience and knowledge in dealing with the habits of mice and rats, as well as other small animal pests. Homeowners often find that store bought solutions aren’t able to fully eliminate their problem. It amounts to a few battles won, but in the end – the war is lost.

House mice are the most common rodent pest that invades homes. They enter a home through the smallest gaps, move around the house silently, and rest by day. In their search for food they defecate and urinate in food storage areas. House mice have constantly growing teeth which drives them to habitually chew on wood, and other furniture, to keep their teeth ground down for normal feeding. Their nests and tunneling takes a hidden toll on the structural integrity of your home. To top it off one female can produce up to 50 offspring a year.

Rats have similar habits, but happen to be much bigger in size and end up being a bigger problem. There are two common types of rats that have distinct behavioral patterns. Pest control professionals know how to identify your rat problem based on their behaviors.

brown rat sitting on top of counter

Pack rats, also known as wood rats, are a common pest in Arizona. They can be found in sheltering rock formations and ledges. A house makes an ideal habitat for pack rats. Pack rats are drawn to human populated areas by the greater comfort and the availability of both food and water. When nesting in a building structure they, like a mouse, destroy and leave filth behind.

The infamous roof rat, or black rat, contributed to spreading plagues during the Middle Ages. Today, modern medicine and sanitation has made plagues extremely rare, yet these rats are still responsible for the spread of diseases. Roof rats prefer to nest in roofs and upper parts of structures. In the wild, they nest high in trees, but they will nest in any place they find secure. They are curious, cautious, and excellent escape artists. Roof rats are known for often escaping traps and baits.

Rodents have been responsible for the spread of over 50 diseases. Rodents gnawing on wires have caused house fires. They have even been known to bite sleeping adults and children. With their prolific breeding, two rodents can easily be the beginning of an infestation.

Professional pest control Gilbert AZ services, offered by Green Home Pest Control can assure you that your home is rodent free. Our methods have continually proven to be effective. As soon as our technicians have assessed the extent of the infestation, a clear plan of attack is laid out.

Many of the materials and traps needed are not available to normal consumers. Many homeowners spend hundreds of dollars over months buying traps, poison baits, and even electronic devices in failed attempts at complete eradication. Local pest control experts in Gilbert know the environments and structures of the area, a critical point. They have the experience and know the best methods to make the home pest free.


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