Pesky Bird Infestations

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Often people will make bird homes, put out bird baths, and setup bird feeders to attract birds to their yard. While some birds are a welcome sight, there are other birds that can be detrimental to your home and your family’s health if they setup shop on your property. This can lead to an undesired bird infestation.

A bird infestation can be a significant nuisance. It takes tricky solutions to get rid of the infestation and requires professional pest control for solving the issue. Birds make nest in areas that are inaccessible to predators: vents, attics, roofs, and tree tops. Infestations come in all sizes, based on the size of the bird and its social behavior. Once their young have hatched dealing with the infestation becomes even more challenging. In that case, birds hardly go away and stay there until their offspring are large enough.

Controlling a bird infestation is a multi-step process. It involves removing the bird, removing the babies, removing the nest and debris, spraying disinfectants or chemicals that are earth-friendly and screening their entry points. Insecticides are critical for treating the nest area in order to exterminate any bird mites present. If not properly sprayed, these mites may make their way into you home seeking new hosts for shelter and food.

One of the steps to removing a bird infestation is identifying the type of bird and the extent of damage done to the property. Some birds are notorious for being particularly destructive.

Starlings are known to make nests anywhere that has a vent, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. They build their nests in the early spring and stay for a considerable amount of time after their babies have hatched. The buildup of their feces causes considerable structure damage and contains bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Most of these birds like to feed on insects from surrounding areas. So it is worth noting that a bug infestation can attract them to your home. Having Starling bird nests around your property will not only decrease its value, but also create a foul smell that can be offensive to everyone in the area, including your neighbors.

Pigeons are infamous for being a nuisance to households and businesses. Pigeons tend to make nests in safe areas away from any contact such as roofs and building crevices. They often use window sills as landing area to access their nests. Pigeons produce a significant amount of corrosive feces that will permanently damage your home. They bring with them mites, ticks and fleas. Pigeons don’t migrate and once they’ve imprinted their nest they have a powerful homing urge that drives them to stay put, despite being deterred. If not handled early a small nest will become a massive pigeon roost. These birds need to be removed with special precaution to prevent the parasites from spreading.

Green Home Pest Control’s technicians are trained in bird removal and use the most effective eco-friendly solutions available in the market as well as a humane approach to controlling your bird infestation. We serve the Phoenix metro area, so contact us today to get help with your bird infestation.


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