New Tech for Dealing with Bedbugs

This New Technology Will Help Eliminate the Bedbug Menace

Hotels and motels will soon have a new weapon to battle bedbugs thanks to the latest in bedbug arsenal from Convectex, a pest control equipment company. The goal is to eliminate these pests without incurring high costs. The company is offering hotels and motels the chance to use heat treatments to help resolve their bedbug problems. Creating an extra stop-gap in controlling bed bug infestations that have been spreading throughout the US. The end result is that their guests will no longer have to worry about bringing bedbugs home.

phoenix bed bugsHotel staff will be trained in the use of this equipment to exterminate bedbugs. Each facility armed with the necessary equipment and the training can completely stop the growth and breeding of Cimex Lectularius (bed bugs). This is great news because this problem can be resolved effectively. There are cutting edge options that will save hundreds of dollars for the outside treatment of bedbugs.

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No Chemicals Needed

There are already several well equipped and highly knowledgeable pest control companies that know how to eliminate these pests in a more natural method. Now with this cutting-edge equipment, they will help the environment from resorting to the use of harsh chemicals. Chemicals won’t be needed because this equipment has been proven to be effective in solving bedbug issues. The use of harmful chemicals will be eliminated. This treatment will contribute to a better environment that is healthier for everyone. A bedbug free world using environmentally safe solutions.

Advantages for those who Travel

Everyone who travels will benefit because nobody wants to bring bedbugs home after staying in a hotel or motel. This treatment will provide every traveler with a safe and chemical free environment when staying in a hotel or motel. These customized heat packages ensure every guest will feel confident that they won’t bring any unwanted guests to their home. Every guest will want to check for possible bedbugs and stay aware of their surroundings. This is a common sense approach.

Tips for Hotel Visitors

  • What can you do to avoid bedbug issues when at a hotel or motel? There are many tips that can be offered for anyone who suspects that a hotel or motel may not be treated for bedbugs. You can avoid bringing them back home with you. These tips include:
  • suitcase with bed bugs from hotelHead straight to the bathroom and give it an inspection. It is unlikely that there will be any bedbugs in the bathroom. Store your luggage in the bathroom after it’s cleared.
  • Don’t allow your luggage to sit on the floor. Bedbugs often get brought home from luggage. Don’t store it on a spare bed either.
  • Every time you check into a hotel or motel, you’ll want to completely check every area of your room. A complete and through bedbug check. Look behind picture frames and under the telephone.
  • Another option is to wrap your suitcases in plastic for added protection.
  • If you are traveling with children, teach them how to inspect the room as well. It’s a good idea to teach kids how to keep aware and check their environment for bedbugs.
  • Be bold and vocalize any concerns with the reception personnel.

This new tech is great news for anyone worried about getting bedbugs from a hotel or motel. Bedbugs are still a growing problem and can still get in your home. If you find signs of bedbugs or would like to have an inspection for your home, Green Home Pest is here to help. We provide the best in environmentally safe treatments for your home or business. Contact us now and help us eliminate bedbugs from Phoenix today.


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