Naturally Repelling Mosquitoes With Plants

The warmer months will soon be here. There are many things a person can expect during this time of year. Picnics, gardening, swimming, hiking, and mosquitoes. It’s difficult to have an outdoor summer activity without dealing with annoying mosquitoes. Many people don’t want to use chemicals to keep away these insects. It is possible to repel mosquitoes naturally. There are plants available that can drive away these unwelcome intruders and enhance the outdoor experience. If your mosquito problem requires professional assistance Green Home Pest Control is available 7 days a week.

Ageratums natural insect repellent Ageratum

This is a low-lying annual ornamental plant. It can reach a height of up to 18 inches. There are many varieties of the pink color flower, but most people associate it with blue flowers. It can survive with partial sun as well as full sun exposure. This plant does not need to be planted in rich soil. It is a favorite plant for rock gardens. It contains coumarin. The smell of coumarin is something mosquitoes avoid at all costs.


Elements of this plant are commonly found in mosquito repellents. This is a very nice perennial grass that has a strong smell. The aroma it produces hides other scents that could attract mosquitoes. This is a very easy plant to grow. It can grow up to 6 feet high. Citronella can be grown in pots and placed in yards, on patios as well as porches and more. It is often grown in a garden.


This is a very effective plant for repelling mosquitoes. It is an annual plant that is bright and very popular. It contains pyrethrum. This is an ingredient used in a variety of insect repellents. It has a distinctive smell that mosquitoes and other insects don’t like at all. Many people put these plants around their homes and don’t worry about mosquitoes coming into their house.


This is a plant created by a botanist who combined African geraniums and Chinese Citronella grass. The leaves of the plant produce the effective mosquito repellent citronella oil. The plant can grow over twelve inches tall and is best when put in full sun. It only needs occasional watering. People can also crush the leaves of this plant and rub them on their skin as a natural insect repellent.


Eucalyptus has been utilized for years as a natural way to control insects. This plant contains a natural oil that repels mosquitoes and other insects. This tree can grow to be over 30 feet high. It will require full sunlight to remain healthy. When planting more than one, it’s essential they be placed approximately 40 feet apart. It also attracts a number of different wildlife wherever they’re planted.

Eucalyptus natural insect repellentWormwood

This is a perennial shrubby plant and can grow up to three feet tall. It can have white or gray-green stems covered in white hairs. The leaves are a yellowish-green and have glands where the natural insecticide is kept. It is a plant that has been proven to ward off mosquitoes.

Lemon Balm

This plant is part of the mint family. Some refer to it as bee balm as well as horsemint. It is an easy plant to successfully grow. It is a strong plant that can endure drought as well as grow without direct sunlight. It is fast growing and can be aggressive against other plants near it. Many people put this plant in a pot. This makes it possible to put the lemon balm where it can effectively control mosquitoes.


People who have cats will want to know that catnip is an effective mosquito repellent. A study conducted in 2010 by Iowa State University showed that catnip is as much as ten times better than DEET when it comes to being an insect deterrent. It is a plant that is easy to grow. It should not be planted around herbs or vegetable plants. Cats may come into a garden, roll around on the catnip and damage nearby plants.


This is a beautiful purple flower with a pleasant scent. It is also a natural mosquito repellent. It can grow indoors or outside to keep away unwanted insects. People use it to make an herbal tea or just have their calming aroma in their home. They need to be approximately 18 from other plants. Lavender needs to be planted in a place with full sun and excellent air circulation.

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